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ca1912 After harvest. 

Under the Shadow of the Evening Sun

Oct 2004: Some artworks of

M. Sleebus- Spincemaille

 ! ! 1873 - The Poet Arthur Rimbaud at Mrs Pincemaille's home in Brussels ! !



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Here you wil see HOW the Family branches spread  over Belgium, France ,  America. And I  mention not only several family branches but  I try  also to make a general layout of the possible connections between the family branches to facilitate further research.

Around 1600 we find them in half a circle starting

from France : Paris - Roissy - Senlis - Amiens - Lille    

to Belgium: Courtrai/Oudenaarde/Tournai - Mons (Hainaut) - Namur

and again France: Metz - Thonnance-lès-Joinville.

For practical reasons we start our overview with Belgium, where we could find the oldest references to the patronyme, then the most important part France and last but not least the emigration to America.

Genealogies and their Indexes, Documents. You will see that from other pages you have many links to persons mentionned in this genealogies.

Meaning of the name - Places named: Pincemaille

Name Evolution

Family History in pictures. Many links are here also to persons mentionned in the Genealogies.






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  •  Geertrui Windels who married Herman Van Rompuy the Belgian Prime Minister in 2009 and first European president in 2010 was a descendant of Angela Spincemaille

UPDATES of the SITE                        

  • Sep 2021: Dec 1251 "Jean d'Avesnes, fls de Marguerite , comtesse de Hainaut, donne à Bonne espérance (Abbeye) le bois de Pincemaille"

  • April 2015: May 1700, A. Pincemaille mentionned on a "Jeton Royal" from the "Marguilliers" of the St Bartlemy parish in Paris

  • Jan 2015: 21 feb 1382 Jakemon Pincemaille in Douai, 59 Nord, Fra

  • Oct 2014: 5 dec 1483, Jacquemart Pincemaille, Tournai

  • Jun 2014: Weitin Pinchemaille, baillie de Herelbeke

  • Feb 2014: 13 nov 1286, Robert de Wavrin (Nord 59, Fra) should make a payement at Huy (Namur, B) to Jean Pincemaille de Limbourg

  • Nov 2013: Pinchemaille in Cambrai between 1400 and 1472

  • Sep 2013: William Pynchon ° 1306, related through his DNA to the Spincemaille families? (Haplogroup I1 M253, distance only 2)

  • Jun 2013: 1429 Jehan Pinsemaille (#21135) carpenter of the cathedral "Notre Dame de Cambrai"

  • May 2013: 1310,Pincemaille, bourgeois of Compiègne, authorised by the king "Philippe le Bel" to buy a noble court (terre noble)  in Bienville.

  • Mar 2013: Pinsemaille (#23705) hermit at the Chapel of St Thibaut (Rendeux, Lux, B) after  1918 and before 1929

  • Jan 2013: Noël Pincemail and the miracle of Jeanne Auguier, 9th of  march 1732. 

  • Dec 2012: Oradour, 11 june 1944, escaped from the massacre of Oradour, Marcel Bellivier, Roger Godîin, Marie Louise Pincemaille, Mme Rouffange arrive at Laplaud by the Pincemaille family.

  • Sept 2012: Jehanne Pinchemaille assistant of the "mère supérieure" of the convent "Arrête-vie" in Tournay 5 april 1525.

  • June 2012: Link between the Branch of Villeneuve/Raray and Roissy through Madelaine La Cloque wife of the Parisian charcutier Guillaume Pincemaille #16564  (branch Roissy)

  • May 2012: S(ei)g(neu)r. en partie du fief de la Cour de Dampierre à Chalette 17°cent. (Arch château de Dampierre, Aube) - Pincemaille de Saligny. (17°cent see AD 10 Aube)

  • Feb 2012: Bois de Pinsmaille & l'Abbaye de Bonne Espérance- 1686 (ref.: La querelle des d'Avesnes & des Dampierre jusqu'a la mort de Jean d'Avesnes, 1257) .  

  • Dec 2011: Jehenne Pinchemaille x 1451 Douai, Nord-Pdc Pierre Hucquedieu . (AM Douai)

  • Nov 2011: Abbaye d' Anchin (Pecquencourt, 59 Nord, Nord-PC, Fra), 1433 Colart Pinchemaille, "échevin" of Bruisle-en-Ostrevant.

  • Sep 2011: 59, Nord-Pdc: Jacques Pinchemaille (#20440) "exigeait, le 9 juin 1412 qu'il soit tenu de se dire et ....."  Esquerchin (Notre Dame) (Revue du Nord, voir Univ de Lille). ?Also cited in 1396 see a mariage Hocquedieu.

  • May 2011: Boulogne-sur-Mer, Christianus Pinchemaille Eustachius #17641 cuius filius fuit Johannes (Beuvrequen, 62 , Fra  March 1305)

  • Jan 2011: from Namur /Sclayn to Liège / Roermond - major update

  • Dec 2010: 1476-1477 Jean Pincemaille sergeant of Thonnance-lés-Joinville at the time of the battle of Nancy

  • Sep 2010: Simon Pinchemaille and Jean Pinchenel in 1569 (Artois)

  • Jul 2010: Pierre Joseph and JB Spincemaille, soldiers of Napoleon. RABrugge

  • Jun 2010: Dna Analysis of the Zwevegem Branch: descendants of the Vikings

  • May 2010: Adam Pinchemelle  put his mark in 1507 on a document of "coutumes locales" in Boves, 80 somme, Pic, Fra.

  • Jan 2010: under the beourgeois of Namur we find ca 1550: Marie Spincemaille (1548), Philippe Pinguewael (1557) and Catherine Spargmaille (1553)

  • Dec 2009: 22th feb 1466, Anduze,30 Gard, France:  Marg. Seguin , wife of the chirurg  Desiderius Pinsemalhe  (Désiré Pincemaille) makes her testament.

  • Oct 2009: Charles Auguste Pincemaille, lieutenant of the personnal  "Garde Impériale" of Napoléon (1806) 

  • May 2009: The general major Meller-Zakomelski of the Russian troups was taken prisoner by trumpeter François Louis Joseph Pincemaille  in the battle of Austerlitz, 2nd dec. 1805

  • Nov 2008: Léandre Picemaille and Galy de Montaglas, sublieutenants,  in the battle of Marengo (Italy), 14th june 1800, decisive for the career of the futur emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

  • Jun 2008: Antoine Séraphin Pincemaille de Ploy, "commissaire des guerres des mousquetaires noirs", 1719-1744

  • Jan 2008: The website has been updated and completely restyled.

  • Sep 2007: The factory "Maison Pincemail" in the work of the writer Simenon and his inspector Maigret

  • Jun 2007: a geological crack de Pincemaille at the wood of Leernes (Bois de Leernes) in Hainault, Belgium

  • Apr 2007: Julien (condamned in 1750 in Paris to the galeries) and Erasme (freemason in 1756 in Metz, then Germany and Russia) sons of Noël Pincemaille °  1694 in Dinant, B

  • Jan 2007: Restaurant "Brêche du Bois" of  Pincemaille-Landa in Clamart , 92, France - 1909 "déjeuner champêtre" of the  "Ass. des Anciens Elèves de l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris "

  • Oct 2006: German (Knicker) Englisch (Niggard), Greek (Κνιπος) = French Pincemaille (German Encyclopedia of Krünitz (1773-1858)

  • Sep 2006: Liège, Lambert Pinsmaille/Painsmay(e)  "Boatman (F: navigateur)" between Namur (B) and Roermond (Netherlands)

  • May 2006: Marie Millet child of Marie Pinsemaille x Charles Millet was the start of three lost generations.

  • Apr 2006: Jean, Julien, Adrien and Pasquier (°ca 1635), the 4 Brothers Pinchemel of Hailles  (Oise, Pic, Fra near Amiens).

  • Feb 2006: a Pinchemel family of  "Adriens",  Postmasters and "Passementiers" in Quevauvillers, Oise, Picardie near Amiens.  

  • Oct 2005: Some artworks of Marie Pinsmaille, born 1892 Jemelle, Nam, B

  • Sep 2005: A Mill at Cormeilles-en-Parisis situated at a place locally known as Pincemaille

  • Jun 2005: The Pinsemaille family "Les charrons de Roissy-en-France" : the cartwrights (Nl: wagenmakers) of Roissy-en-France

  • May 2005: The Pincemail family "les cordonniers de Paris" : the shoemakers of Paris.

  • Apr 2005: Raymond Pinchemaille: Greenhouse in ruin "Serre en îiche" (2003). .

  • Mar 2005: Pinchpenny (England) and Stuligrosz (Poland) have the same meaning of Pincemaille /Pincemalge

  • Jan 2005: Old figurative map of Zwevegem, 20th July 1686. We find there Michiel Spinsemaillie (Michael Pincemalge) son of Gerardus

  • Dec 2004: Anne Catherine Spinsmaille ancestor of Jules Destrée (In French)

  • Nov 2004: 10 June 1873, Arthur Rimbaud, wounded  by his close îiend Paul Verlaine. The official version was untrue: See Who Where Why on the Rimbaud page

  • Oct 2004: Bruno Daems made in Dutch a Thesis at the University of Ghent about Jules Spincemaille (in Dutch)

  • Sep 2004: Some artworks of M. Sleebus - Spincemaille

  • Mar 2004: The massacre of the SS on 10 Jun 1944 at Oradour-sur-Glane, Haute Vienne and the Pincemailles of Charly, Moselle

  • Dec 2003: Thomas de Pinchemaille (Pincemaille), Picard and rector at the University of Paris in 1532.

  • Nov 2003: A portrait of the old Antoine-Thomas de Pincemaille de Laulnoy, a retired "directeur des droits réunis" in 1834 by J.F. Noël.

  • Oct 2003: "Opte pour la France" 1872/1873- Alsace-Lorraine.

  • Sep 2003: freemasonry: Erasme Pincemaille (°1731), Metz, France - Almir Pinchemel Rodrigues  (°1920), Brazil.

  • Jun 2003: Opera: Mde Pincemaille plays in "Julie" at the "Opéra Comique",  Moscow, Aug 1775.

  • May 2003:"The Pinsmay(e) Family: Boatman of the Lower Meuse, Liège - 1764":

  • Apr 2003: TV Film: Pincemaille <-> Inspector Lavardin.

  • Mar 2003: Music: Laure Pinsmail , musician for piano.

  • Feb 2003: Resto: "La table Picarde", Eddy Pinchemel, Amiens

  • Dec 2002: Plastic Arts & Tapestry: Sandrine Pincemaille.

  • Sep 2002: Music: Pierre Pincemaille: famous pipe organ musician, 

  • Jun 2002: 1873 the poet Arthur Rimbaud at Mrs Pincemaille's home in Brussels

  • May 2002: 81 "18th and 19th cent." docs of Pincemailles in  Paris.

  • Apr 2002: around  St Denijs, Wvl, B : 54 Docs (1430-1653) identified, wating to be copied and analysed

  • Mar 2002: See Pince-maille in Dictionnaries and Litterature

  • Feb 2002 Jan (J.B) Spincemaille soldier of Napoleon 1810.

  • Jan 2002  ? The family branches before 1600 linked through the Duchy of Burgundy (1384-1477) ?

  • Dec 2001: An Ultimate explanation of the meaning of  Pincemaille.

  • Dec 2001: See our new Cousins in Brazil  and their Fotoalbum

  • Sep 2001: See the history of the Spincemaille family  of Zwevegem, WVl, B in   Pictures

  • Aug 2001: The Paris connection of the Pincemaille Family  at Villeneuve-sur-Verberie