The winegrowers of Thonnance-les-Joinville - Antoine Pincemaille ca  1600


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- between 1476 and 1477 a certain Jean Pincemaille of Thonnance was during 6 months in service as sergeant in Thonnance. He received therefore 15 s. t. Remember that the 5th of january 1477 was the day of the defeat of the duke of Bourgondy near Nancy and eventually he could be  involved in this battle. 

- In 1538 the local duke "de Guise" affranchised the population of Thonnance and Suzanne-court by a letter of "affranchisement"  on  august 31th 1538. We find in this letter the following Pincemailles: Jehan, Guyot, Didier, Geofîoy. One of their descendants should be Antoine Pincemaille, who started de Thonnance family. His birthyear could be estimated ca 1548. 

- It's futher possible that some of the affranchised Pincemaille have followed the "duc de Guise, Seigneur de Joinville(52)", head of the "Catholic League" in France, who organised the crucial battle for Metz in 1552. For this reason Simon Pincemaille (estimated birthyear 1555)  of  Vany near Metz could be a cousin of  Antoine Pincemaille (est. ° 1548).



We know  Antoine Pincemaille (° estimated ca 1548, + before 1604) through the marriages of his children (ca 1600- 1610) : Nicolas, Pierre, Hubert and Didier.

But between 1624 and 1653 a number of parish registers are lost . It makes it sometimes difficult to link the children of Nicolas, Pierre, Hubert and Didier with the same married children. For some of them (marked with an ? in our genealogy) we can only give you our best guesses:

- Marguerite? Pincemaille: ° 4 jan 1605 daughther of Nicolas Pincemaille x Françoise Passerat =? N Pincemaille x Charles Caussin

- Marguerite? Pincemaille: ° 22 feb 1610 daughther of Nicolas Pincemaille x Françoise Passerat =? N Pincemaille x Jean Vichon.

- Nicole? Pincemaille: ° 16 nov 1614 daughther of Nicolas Pincemaille x Françoise Passerat =? Nicole  Pincemaille x Antoine Brocard  

- Jean? Pincemaille: ° 17 jan 1609, + aft 1678  son of  Hubert Pincemaille x Jeanne Jacquot (Jacquin) = ?Jean Pincemaille + 1680, x Marie Evrard.

- Didier? Pincemaille: ° 23 oct 1613 son of  Hubert Pincemaille x Jeanne Jacquot (Jacquin) = ?Didier Pincemaille + 1676, x Anne (Catherine) Lecomte.

- Claudine? Pincemaille: ° 1617 daughther of Hubert Pincemaille x Jeanne Jacquot (Jacquin) = ?N Pincemaille x René Ridde

- Antoine? Pincemaille: ° 1606 x Cyriotte Mogeot °1603 , xx Catherine Maubert. It's not sure he married Catherine Maubert, it could be an unknown Antoine Pincemaille eventually from his first mariage.


Some interesting events


- 1686. We see further that the above mentionned Catherine Maubert married in 1686 in a second mariage Florentin Dosne the father of her son in law Nicolas Dosne x Nicolle Pincemaille.

- 1704:Jean Pincemaille (son of Noêl, °Thonnance) x 4 february 1704 in Autigny l'Abb Marie de Sarcy. His brother Mathieu Pincemaille followed him in 1719 to Autigny l'Abbé when he married there  Marguerite Husson. See also the excellent website on Geneanet from Patrick Beaupretre (plout70)

These 2 sons of Noêl Pincemaille x Jeanne Brocard  will have a lot of descendants in this small community of Autigny l'Abbé (Autigny-le-Grand after the French revolution). There will be a lot of mariages with the local Lecomte family and so we will see another descendant of Thonnance Memmie Pincemaille will do the move to Autigny l'Abbé when he married  Marie-Anne Lecomte ca 1800.

When we controlled the parish registers (1715-1720) we see a lot of variation in the patronym : Pincemail, Pinsmail and Pinsmaille.

We find in the second half of the 18th century a lot of connections between the descendants in Autigny-l'abbé (Le Grand) when they marry, which makes it extreme difficult to establish this part of the socalled branch of Thonnance.

On the other hand we do n't find any Pincemaille in the nearby Autigny-le-Petit. 

- 10 february 1795 Mirbel: the Pincemaille of Mirbel (52 Haute Marne, district of Chaumont) refused to deliver a part of his grain harvest for the market in Chaumont and for the army. As a consequence his grain will be confiscated.

- around 1800 Vecqueville: we see that a lot of descendants of Jean Baptiste Pincemaille (1744-1800) x  1768 Louise Pierrette Charpentier ( + 1774) and xx 1776 Marie Magdeleine Clercy, will do the move to the nearby Vecqueville. All this people were winegrowers (F: vigneron, Nl: wijnbouwers). Reason is unkwon, but maybe they have bought some confiscated properties (from the church and nobles)  in the early days of the French revolution, because Jean Baptiste Pincemaille moved from Autigny l'abbé (autigny-le-Grand) to Vecqueville (means in French "évêque ville") in 1793 at the time his youngest child was born and he will dy there 7 years later in 1800.  

- 17 nov. 1834, Calais: Pierre Didier Pincemaille died at the port of Calais, parents unknown. He was a "commis à pied des contributions indirectes" living in Hazebrouck, 59 Nord pas de Calais, Fra. But we found his father and mother in Thonnance-lès Joinville