Spincemaille - Pincemaille - Pinsmail - Pincemalge - Pinchemel - Painsmaye - Passmel

  • The family name started with  Pincemaille, Pinchemaille and Pincemaelge in Belgium in the 13th century in the counties of Hainaut and Flanders. We did n't find in this days a meaning for this patronym.

    Probably around the same time ca 1300 we found a blason for a Pincemaille, sgr. (seigneur) en partie du fief de la Cour de Dampierre (Aube, Champagne-Ardennes, Fra) "Une alouette essorante, les pieds pris dans un filet acc(ompagnée) en chef et à senestre d'une étoile à six rais.". Guillaume of Dampiere was count  of Flanders in these days.
    Surprising "Pinsemaille" was also known as a nickname (meaning avaricious) of Norman origin in the 14th/ 15th

     century in England, time of the hundred years war with France.

    The first appearence in France was in the litterature in 1526 as Pinse maille in a poem from Marot, Clément (1496-1544) (born in Quercy, terre de la langue d'Oc) in 1526 and  written in 2 words as "pinse maille", what should mean "pincer les mailles = avare". Maybe the meaning was not yet curently accepted because written in 2 words to clarify this meaning.  He wrote namely to his îiend Lyon Jamet in the Poitou region where in the adjacent region of Saintonge Pincemaille means  a fine small woman.  

    It's only after that date that we find the patronym Pincemaille in the earlier territories of the Bourgondian states in the North and the North-east of France in Picardy and Lorraine. Illustrative for this name was namely a family  of tax collectors around Compiègne  in Picardy at the end of the 16th century.


  • We find other meanings in other languages or dialects

    - In the dialect of Saintonge, the southern part of the regio "Poitou-Charentes", "pincemaille" means  a fine small woman (F: Femme mince, délicate, à fine taille, et non Homme avare, comme en Français)

    Ref.: Pierre Abraham Jônain en Pierre Jònain, Dictionnaire du patois saintongeais, 432 p. ( 1869) p.332

    -  In the dialect of Liège we find Painsmaille withe the meaning of small pieces of bread  and therefore also avaricous.

    - Another possible explanation of the name Pincemaelge/Pincemaille in the 13th century was based on "pincerna" sometimes mispelled as "pincema" what means originally cupbearer [Nl: (wijn)schenker, Fr: échanson] a function at a noble court. Also such a man was considered as "avaricous".

  • But also this name Pincemaille was given to places : a forest in Belgium, a lake and a mill in France long ago because no traces have been found of a family who gived her name to these places. Today we find also some streetnames Pincemaille in France.

  • After that you will find here the evolution of the family name in relation to several family branches.

Meaning given to the name / Places named to
Name-Expl Autor Ref Date Title
ex. in a Dictionnary Pincemaille Jean Nicot Dictionnaire 1606 Thresor de la Langue Françoyse,
tant Ancienne que Moderne
ex. in Litterature Pincemaille La Fontaine LivreX,fable 4 1621-1695 L'enfouisseur et son compère
Pincemaille Various Auth. Various Ref.  

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Homologues in other languages

Various Authors     Homologues and Synonyms in other languages
Pincemaelge Pincemaille Various Auth. Various Ref. 1000-1300-1600

Pincerna  --> Pincemaelge / Pincemaille

Name-Place Place Location Map Ref
Pincemaille Lac de Pincemaille at Rillé, Indre-et-Loire, Fra, 40 Km North-East of Tours,  Location  
Pincemaille Bois de Pincemaille 4 Km south of  Binche, Hainault, B Map Topographical Atlas of Belgium-1967
Pincemaille Bois de Leernes between Landelies and Hourpe, Hainault, B Satelite View Lays above the "Faille de Pincemaille"
Pincemaille "Moulin sur la Montagne au lieudit Pincemaille" ca1741 Cormeilles-en-Parisis, 30 km North-West of Paris Map

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Pincemaille Street names Various Pincemaille Streets - Poissons, 52 Haute Marne, Cham, Fra, (near Joinville) rue de Pincemaille
- Ayzieu, 32800 Gers, Midi Pyrénées: rue où lieu-dit Pincemaille
  Name Evolution           UP#

Around 1600 we find the several branches in half a circle starting

from France : Paris - St Denis - Senlis - Amiens - Lille -

to Belgium: Courtrai/Oudenaarde/Tournai - Mons (Hainaut) - Namur -

and again France: Metz - Thonnance-lès-Joinville.

For practical reasons we start our overview with Belgium, where we could find the oldest references to the patronyme, then the most important part France and last but not least the emigration to America.

  • Belgium: Pincemalge has been changed to Spincemaille ( S, meaning "of" Pincemaille) and the local variants of Pincemaille have survived so that Pincemaille has practically disappeared today in Belgium.

  • France: Pincemaille (Pincemail) is dominant today and local variants have been replaced in most cases by Pincemaille  but we find yet the local Picardian variants Pinchemel and Pinchemaille around Amiens and Pinchemail around Lille.

  • America : Today we will not find descendants with the surname Pincemaille/Pincemail in the Usa. One family coming from Mamer(Lux) americanised their family name to Passmel, but without descendants today. In the Caraibes exists Pincemail and in Brazil Pinchemel.

Regions Sub-Regions  Familiy  Branch Secondary Familiy  Branch Name Evolution -1 Name Evolution -2 Name Evolution -3 Name Evolution -4 
1.Belgium  Oostburg- Knesselare Oostburg-Ambacht (Holland)   Pincemalge      
      Knesselare Spinsemalge (Princemaillie) Spincemaillie  
        1606 (1648) 1677  
  Kortrijk-Oudenaarde Tournai Oudenaarde   Pincemaelge Pincemaille    
        1394 ca 1500    
      Zwevegem Pincemaelge Spinsemaille Spincemaille  
        1610 1660 1800  
    St-Denijs   Pintsemailge Pincemalge Pinsemaille  
        1430 1507 1573  
      Spiere-Helkijn -Evregnies Pincema(e/i)l Pinsemael Pincemaillie Peinchemaille
        1588 1588   1704
      Mouscron       Peinchemail
  Hainault Tournai   Pinchemaille      
    Mons   Pinc(h)emaille      
   Namur  Dinant   Pinsmail(le)      
      Braux, 08, î (Pinsmale) Pinsemail  Pincemaille  (Painsmaille)
         (1684)  1734  1844 (1897)
   Namur  Bourgeois (Spincemaille)  Spinsmaye  Pinsmaye  
      (1548) 1795 1846  
    common name   Pinsmaille Pinsmaille  
           1708   2000  
      Sclayn Pinsmaye Spinsmaille Spe(i)nsmaye Pinsmaye/Pinsmaille
        1662 1673 1754 1800
    -->Liège Liège Painsmay(e)      
      Lixhe Piesmay(e)      
         ca 1730      
      -->Roermond, Lim, Netherl Painsmaij      
       -->Venlo, Lim, Netherl. Painsmaij(e) (Pinsmay(e)      
Brabant   Brussels Pincemaille etc      
      19th and 20th cent      
    Hoegaarden Pinsmel Prinsmel    
      1635-1785 aft 1785-2000    
2. France Metz Vany   Pincemaille      
      Basse Ham Pinsmal(e) Pinsmail Pincemail  
        1780 1780 1800  
       Mamer(Lux) ->Holy Cross (Usa) Pincemaille Passmel    
         1811  1883    
  St Dizier Thonnance-lès -Joinville   Pincemaille      
  Eclaron   Pincemaille      
      ca 1590      
  Paris-St Denis -Senlis Paris   Pinc(h)emaille      
     Roissy Roissy Pinsemaille      
  Senlis Chevrières Pinchemaille      
      Villeneuve-sur -Verberie Pincemaille      
      ->Bordeaux Pincemaille      
        Compiègne Bienville  Pincemaille         
  Amiens Lille  Amiens Quevauvillers Pinchemaille      
        ca 1635      
        Boves Pinchemelle         
      Hailles Pinchemel      
      Varennes Pinchemaille      
    Lille   Pincemaille   Pinchemaille
        1286     18??
   Pas-de-Calais Boulogne Beuvrequen Pinchemaille         
3.America North-America Louisiana   Pincemail      
       NewOrleans Pincemaille      
  Caraïbes DominicRep   Pincemail      
      Guadeloupe  Pincemail      
  Brazil Brasilia   Pinchemel (Pinchimel)