Here you wil see HOW the Family branches spread  over Belgium, France ,  America. See also  the shortened overview  

And I  mention not only several family branches but  I try  also to make a general layout of the possible connections between the family branches to facilitate further research.

1600 start of the parish registers

Around 1600 we find them in half a circle starting - (See the situation ca 1600 on an actual State map)

from France : Paris - Roissy - Senlis - Amiens - Lille -

to Belgium: Courtrai/Oudenaarde/Tournai - Mons (Hainaut) - Namur -

and again France: Metz - Thonnance-lès-Joinville.

For practical reasons we start our overview with Belgium, where we could find the oldest references to the patronyme, then the most important part France and last but not least the emigration to America.

Before 1600

Before 1600 we have only partial information. A possible link between the family branches before 1600 could be found in the territories belonging to the Dukes of Burgundy (1384-1477)

Where They Lived: The Family Branches in a table format !   

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 See History of  Regions


Family Branches Secondary Family Branches G N P Time_Period
1-Belgium Oostburg- Knesselare Oostburg-Ambacht (Holland)   D N   1281
      Knesselare G N   1606-1700
  Kortrijk-Oudenaarde- Tournai Oudenaarde   D N   1394-1500
       Zwevegem G N P 1610-2000
    St Denijs   L N   1430-1573
      Spiere-Helkijn- Evregnies D N   1600-
    Hainault Tournai   D N   1342
    Mons   D N   1295
      Charleroi G N   1867-2000
  Namur Dinant   L N    1600-2000
      Braux, 08, î G N   1734-
    Namur   D N   1548
      Sclayn L N   1662-
    -->Liège Liège G N   1737-
      Lixhe   N   ca 1730
       -->Roermond, Lim, Netherlands   N   1742- 1850
       -->Venlo, Lim, Netherl.   N   1775
  --> Brabant  Brussels   D     19th cent
      Hoegaarden G N   1635-2007
 2-France Metz Vany   G N   1575-2000
      Basse-Ham G N   1786-1827
      Mamer(Lux->USA) G N P 1811-2000
  St Dizier

Thonnance-lès -Joinville

  G N   1476/77-1538-2000
  Paris-St Denis-Senlis  Paris   L     1730-1853
        D N   1543
     Roissy Roissy L N   1596-
    Senlis Chevrières G N   1600-1800
       Villeneuve-sur-Verberie G N   1600-1800
      ->Bordeaux G N   1708-2000
       Compiègne D     1300
  Amiens Lille -Boulognene Amiens   L N   1891-1990
      Quevauvillers G N   1635-1900-
      Hailles G N   1635-
      Varennes G N   1680-2000
      Boulogne-s-mer Quevrequen D       1305
    Lille   L N   1891-1990
3-America North-America Louisiana   D N   1752
      NewOrleans D N   1863
  Caraïbes Dom.Rep   D N   1824
      Guadeloupe D N   1900-2000
  Brazil Brasilia   G N P 1870 -2000