Around 1600 we find the family branches in half a circle starting

from France : Paris - Roissy - Senlis - Amiens - Lille -

to Belgium: Courtrai/Oudenaarde/Tournai - Mons (Hainaut) - Namur -

and again France: Metz - Thonnance-lès-Joinville.

For practical reasons we start our overview with Belgium, where we could find the oldest references to the patronyme, then the most important part France and last but not least the emigration to America.

  • Ancestor: A certain number of genealogies starting with an Ancestor is yet available: see in the table under Ancestor. from this ancestor  you go to the "Table of Contents" of this genealogy and a limited surname Index which will lead you to the full Index of Persons. In course of time more will become available.

  • What's in: One can go also directly to the full Index of Persons if available. Also a number of original documents or information is listed here. We are looking for copies of some of this original documents. Who can help?


Region Sub - Region Family Branch, Place ==_Sec.Fam._Branch,Place Ancestor What's In Time_Area
1.Belgium Oostburg- Knesselare Oostburg, Holland Hugo Pincemaelge Document 1281       
    ==Knesselare, OVl, B Judocus Spinsemalge Genealogy 1606-1700
  Kortrijk- Oudenaarde- Tournai Oudenaarde, OVl, B Gheerard Pincemaelge  Genealogy  & Document 1394-1500
    == Zwevegem,  WVl, B Gerardus Pincemalge Genealogy 1610-2000
    St Denis, WVl, B


List of Orphans and other Docs

 54  Documents ! 1430-1653


==Evregnies Hen, B

Joannes Baptista Pinsmallie Genealogy  
  Hainault Tournai, Hain, B Mariien Pinchemaille Document 1342


==Mons, Hain, B

Alars & Jehan


Document 1295-1336
  Namur Dinant, Nam, B Jean Pinsmaille List of Births 1600-1800
    == Dinant->Liège, Liège, B Natalis Pinsmaille Genealogy 1700-1800
    == Braux, Ard(08), Cham, î Lambert  Pinsemail Genealogy 1734-1860
    Namur, Nam, B  Marie Spincemaille  Document 1548
    == Sclayn, Nam, B Spinsmaille/ Pinsmaye Surname (Orthog.)Births 1662-1800
    == Namur->Liège, Liège, B Lambert Pinsmaille/Painsmay  Index 1737- 18??
  -->  Brabant Brussels, Br, B Pincemaille and Arthur Rimbaud 19th cent.
    Hoegaarden, Br, B Pinsmel (Prinsmel)   1635-1785 (-2000)
2.France Metz Vany, Moselle (57), Lor, Fra Simon  Pincemaille Genealogy 1575-2000
    ==Mamer(Lux)->Holy-Cross,  Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin, Usa Theodore_Pincemaille (Passmell) Genealogy 1850-1975
  St-Dizier Thonnance-lès-Joinville, Haute Marne (52), Cham, Fra  Jehan etc. Pincemaille Document 1538
    Thonnance-lès-Joinville, Haute Marne (52), Cham, Fra Antoine  Pincemaille Genealogy ca1550-2000
    Eclaron, Haute Marne (52), Cham, Fra Gillis Pincemaille Genealogy ca1590-1901
  Paris-St Denis-Senlis Paris,75, Idf, Fra Thomas de Pinchemaille


      82 notarial deeds and other documents Chan 1551-1900
      Jean François Noêl Pincemail Genealogy and 1766- 2000
    Roissy-en-France,  Val d'Oise(95), Idf, Fra Etienne Pinsemaille Genealogy 1600-1800
    Senlis,Oise(60), Pic, Fra      
    ==Chevrières, Oise(60), Pic, Fra Pinchemaille Genealogy 1600-1745
    ==Villeneuve-s/-Verberie, Oise(60), Pic, Fra François Pinchemaille Genealogy 1600-1800
    == -->Bordeaux ,33, Aqui, Fra Martin  Pincemaille Genealogy 1694-1832
    Compiègne Pincemaille, bourgeois of Compiègne Document 1300
  Amiens  Lille Amiens,Somme(80),Pic,Fra Pinchemel / Pinchemaille Nbr of Births 1891-1900 17??-2000
    ==Quevauvillers,(80),Pic,Fra Adrien Pinchemel Genealogy ca 1635-1900-
    ==Hailles,(80),Pic,Fra  4 Brothers Pinchemel Genealogy 1635-
    ==Varennes,(80),Pic,Fra Firmin Pinchemaille Genealogy 1680-1800
      Artois, (62) Pas de Calais, Fra Simon Pinchemaille and Jean Pinchenel Document 1569
    Lille,(59),Nord,Fra Pinchemail Nbr of Births 1891-1990 18??-2000
  Anduze Anduze, Gard (30),  LRou, Fra Desiderius Pinsemalhe (Pincemaille) Document 1466
3.America North-America Louisiana,Usa Pincemail(le), Immigration Document 1752, 1844
    ==NewOrleans, Louisiana, Usa Auguste Pincemaille Document 1863
  Caraïbes Dom.Republic Josefina Valbrune Pincemail Document 1824
    ==Guadeloupe,Dom(97),Fra Pincemail PhoneDirectory GreetingCard 1900-2000
  Brazil Brasilia Pinchemel Genelogy and JornaldePoesia 18??-2000