In  Dinant  only the tables of the parish registers have survived

So look for more evidence  before taking over the data from Dinant. This branch could only partly reconstructed. For this reason we focused on some interesting persons in this branch.


Julien & Erasme, infamous & famous, sons of Noêl Pincemaille - °Dinant 1696


Noêl Pincemaille (Natalis Pinsmaille) ° in 1696 in Dinant was the son of Ghislain x ca 1689 Marie Bourguignon. He left Dinant to mary Héluide (Elie) David in Jemepppe-sur-Meuse, near Liège, where a first son Julien was born in 1727. A second son Erasme was born in 1730 in Liège, B.

The history of this 2 sons was remarquable.

But first the family has left Liège for Paris where we found Natalis Pinsmaille as Noêl Pincemaille ca 1750 as a tobacco shop keeper.

- In the same year (18/06/1750)  Julien was condamned lifelong  for robbery (F: vol, Nl: diefstal) and incarcerated in Rochefort. He tried to escape on the 20th feb. 1751 and his ears were then cut off. He came free in 1774. Rochefort was one of the most deadly prisons. A lot died after a few months and a condamnation for 5 years was the equivalent of the death. So Julien should be one of the exceptions who could survive more than 20 years this deadly regime.

- Erasme Pincemaille (°1730-), the freemason, moved to Metz,  where he married in 1755. We find him afterwards in Germany and Russia.


François Louis Joseph (Joseph) Pincemaille in the battle of  Austerlitz  (2 dec. 1805,)

descendant of Pierre Pinsmaille (- s. 1674) 


François Louis Joseph (Joseph) Pincemaille fought on 2 dec 1805 in the battle of Austerlitz:

"Baron Meller-Zakomelski (general major of the russian army) rode in the head of the uhlans and was hit by a bullet. He had trouble breathing and was surrounded by the French 5th Hussars. Meller-Zakomelski was taken prisoner by trumpeter (F: trompettiste) Pincemaille ( François Louis Joseph), who himself was wounded".


He was  probably a son of François Joseph Pincemaille °1752 in Dinant, a descendant of Pierre Pinsmaille #5893 ( - s 1674)

And we know exceptionnally for Dinant fairly for sure a lot of descendants of Pierre Pinsmaille.