As far as possible the family histories will be made also in the original language ( French, dutch, portuguese etc) of the members of the concerned family branch. !!Translators asked!!
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Genealogy Starting Person of the History in Pictures. Lang.
Zwevegem Gerardus Pincemalge ( -1632)was a farmer and a verger (koster-Nl->Bedeau-î) in Zwevegem. . The name changed to Spinsemaille around 1660 ("S"pincemaille  meaning "of" Pincemaille) and around 1800 to Spincemaille. We will follow the history of this family till today

Gerardus Pincemalge->Michael(1620-1695)->Daniel ->(1666-1737)->Jacobus  (1713-1786) Spinsemaille->Petrus Andreas (1749-1833)->

Mamer lux ->Usa Theodore Pincemaille (1811-1881) arrived March 1853 from Mamer, Luxemburg at the Port of New York. He travelled to Holy Cross,Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin where a lot of Luxemburgers tried to start a new live. This family americanised their family name to Passmel in 1883.

La famille de Emile Dominique Pincemaille a vécu les trois guerres (1872), (1914-1918), (1940-1944)


Brazil See the family of Jose Pinchemel-Rodrigues grandchild of  Augusto Pinchemel the founding father of the Brasilian connection.