Descendants of Augusto Pinchemel x Maria Wamierbon

The slavery was abolished in 1870 and Brazil needed people to develop the country. So Augusto Pinchemel emigrated after 1870 from France with his wife Maria Wamierbon (Maria van Mierlo) and his two children Elisa and Ricardo  to the Southern part of Brazil. The parents died during the trip and their daughter was educated by nuns in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She was baptised  in the Sâo Pedro church in 1878 and became a teacher. She married José Severino Rodrigues, but died when her oldest son José Pinchemel Rodrigues was only 8 years in 1903, leaving 3 orphans behind.

Elisa Wamierbon Pinchemel and her oldest son José

Baptism of Elisa

Elisa Wamierbon - Pinchemel (#6989)1878-1903
Mother's name: Maria Van Mierlo ( -> Wamierbon)

18 Oct 1878, Sâo Pedro; Salvador, Bahia

José, the oldest son of Elisa

Pinchemel Rodrigues, José (#6746)1895-1979

Lima Pinchemel-Rodrigues, Leonor (#6747)

ca 1979

The Families of Almir and Adailton, the oldest sons of José Pinchemel Rodrigues

( José Pinchemel Rodrigues x Leonor Lima Pinchemel Rodrigues)

Almir, Grand Chancelor of the freemasons

with his  2 oldest daughters

Pinchemel-Rodrigues, Almir
(#6993), b.1920-d.1999

ca 1999, Rio de janeiro, RJ, Brazil

The youngest daughter of Almir
Pinchemel, Anna Paula
(#6997), b.1979-

ca 2000

Adailton, 50 years of  Marriage
Lima Pinchemel, Adailton
(#6748), b.1921-d.2001

26 Jan 2000