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Zwevegem: Children of Charles-Louis Spincemaille (#0020) (1840-1895)

In 1895 the 8 children of Louis Spincemaille became Orphans , age between 8 and 18 years old. We have beautifull pictures of them in 1898 and also a common photo as adult persons in 1912. Marie and René, the eldest were not married in 1912, but René will marry in 1917, 39 years old. At that time he had built a weaving mill (F: tisseranderie; N: weverij) on the land of the old presbytery and the former bakery.


Spincemaille, Maria Zulma (Marie) 

(#25), b.1877-d.1949


Children of Charles-Louis Spincemaille (#0020)

Zwevegem, WVl, B (1840-1895) in 1912



Spincemaille, René


Then we have Irma and Josma. Irma was also still at home, but she will die in 1918 from the Spanisch Flu at the moment the allied forces entered the village of Deerlijk. and her sister Josma was not on the picture being a nun. Then we have Jules and Joseph. We see Jules lawyer and working in Schaerbeek, Brussels here with Elise De Vos. They will marry 14 Feb 1912. But she died in september 1914 from Tbc at the moment German troops took Brussels. And he was alone to burn here. We find a poetic evocation "LOST FLOWERS" of his deep distress published in 1916. Between 1914 and 1918 he was active in Flemish politics and banned  then from the country as a result in 1919.  In 1927 he will marry with Hedwig Berger from Wiesbaden Germany in Amsterdam. In 1929 he came back to Belgium. No children were born of this two marriages. Joseph just finished in 1912 his medical studies and will  leave for France, Paris for a year of specalisation. He will serve as an officer in the Belgian army at the îont  between 1914-1919. Mary his oldest sister will following him after the war when he installed his practice as medical doctor in Rumbeke till 1929, when he married 45 years old and she leaved him with pain. We have a beautifull picture of the  warm love she had for her youngest brother when she saw him for the first time again in Brussels in 1918 after the World War I (1914-1918). The 2 youngsters Marina and Gabrielle will leave for Tunisy as nuns 12 Aug 1912. They took their mutual names as religious names. So Marina became sister Gabriella and Gabriella sister Marina.


Spincemaille, Irma (#27), b.1880-d.1918

Spincemaille, Josma (#332), b.1881-d.1951


SpincemailleJules(#28), b.1882-d.1954

Spincemaille, Joseph (#29), b.1884-d.1943

Spincemaille, Gabrielle (#30), b.1886-d.1973


Spincemaille, Marina Maria (#31), b.1887-d.1966