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from the Elder to the Younger Generation

Hugo, Theresia and Petrus the Elder generation

Hugo  will hold the family goods undivided but invested the gains in more commercaial activities of his brothers and we will see that he will buy a backery for his youngest brother Charles Louis. and stimulated the grandchildren to study at the university. Only 2 of his children married namely Eugenius en Louis Spincemaille.  They and their women died very young leaving behind 9 orphans. Another child Angela became a nun in a convent. But Hugo Theresia and Petrus his other 3 children "the elder generation" took care of  the orphans "the younger generation" of their two brothers. Hugo the oldest son of Bavo ruled the family affairs after the death of his father Bavo and continued to do it after the death of his 2 brothers Eugenius and Louis in 1895. Hugo, Theresia and Petrus will die in the same year 1917 from eldernes and not from the spanish flu

In Memoriam

Spincemaille, Theresia (#18),



12 Jun 1917 in Deerlijk

The Elder Generation

Hugo, Theresia and Petrus Spincemaille children of Bavo


ca 1912, Deerlijk, WVl, B

In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Petrus(#19), b.1837-d.1917


4 Jul 1917 in Deerlijk

Eugenius died in 1895

Eugenius married ca 1868 Angela Matton who died in 1880 following a pest epidemy in Tiegem. Only one child Alfons survived being at that time as a student in a college. Eugenius who owned a pub in Tiegem and his son Alfons came back to the parental farm in Deerlijk, Wvl, B. But Alfons spent most of his time with the young children of Louis brother of Eugenius. He will continue his studies for priest and died in 1937 in Bruges

In Memoriam
Matton,Angela (marriage to Eugenius Spincemaille) (#22),b.1830-d.1880


3 Jul 1880 in Tiegem, Wvl, B,

A young novice
Spincemaille, Ivo-Alfons (Alfons)(#23), b.1869-d.1937


1892, Brugge, WVl, B

In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Ivo-Alfons (Alfons)(#23), b.1869-d.1937


6 Dec 1937 in Brugge, Wvl, B

Charles-Louis died in 1895

In 1869 Hugo bought an old presbytery  with a bakery and belonging land for his youngest brother Louis, who continued tbe bakery in 1871. He married in 1876 and builded in that year a new bakery with a shop finished in 1877. He will have 9 children, one died very young. In 1890 died Mathildis Delbeke the woman of Louis Spincemaille. In 1895 also Louis Spincemaille died  at an age of 55 years leaving behind 8 orphans.  Maybe René his son continued the bakery for a short time , but with the political influence of his two uncles he became Town Clerc (N: gemeentesecretaris, F:secrétaire de mairie)  of Deerlijk and director of the local dairy factory, Jules studied for lawyer and Joseph medicins at the university. We see the three sons of Louis together with Alfons the son of Eugenius on a picture "the younger generation".

Marriage Certificate
Spincemaille,Charles-Louis(Louis)1840-1895 x Mathildis Delbeke (1850-1890)


Deerlijk, Wvl, B, 15 Nov 1876

The Younger Generation

The male Grandchildren of

of Bavo Spincemaille  (1798-1865)..


1896, Deerlijk, WVl, B

In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Charles-Louis (Louis)(#20), b.1840-d.1895


29 Sep 1895 in Deerlijk, Wvl, B