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 Bavo Spincemaille  (#10) (1798-1865)



His parents gived him the name Bavo. But this name was not on the list of allowed first names under the French revolution in 1798. So the clerck in order to avoid further discussion wrote François Bavo Spincemaille, but nobody will know him under this name. Bavo lived in Deerlijk, WVl, B and had six children. All his six children were born between 1830 and 1840, thus just before the potato crisis (1844-1848) started.To face this crisis the family was obliged to bundle all their energy and certainly the oldest son Hugo, 14 year old when the crisis started,  has to take his responsability.The position of the family in the society was important not the individual person. But it was also the starting point for new challenges. Bavo was locally very active and became member of the administration of the church properties (Nl: kerkfabriek, Fr: administration des biens de l'église) , installed by Napoleon ,  as we can see on his "In Memoriam". It stimulated the family also to climb higher on the social ladder. They took an exemple of the Verriest family.  But also after the potato crisis epidemies continued periodically  with a maximum in 1866, the year after Bavo died in 1865. His wife will die 12 years later. In the mean time Hugo took the responsability for the whole family. He took the lesson that the agriculture was very uncertain. But he saw also the oppotunities for the new area. He will hold the family goods undivided but invested the gains in more commercial activities of his brothers and we will see that he will buy a backery for his youngest brother Charles Louis in 1869 in the period that his other brother Eugenius married. When the children of this 2 brothers became orphans in 1895 he stimulated them to study at the university. Till 1908 the heritage of Bavo rested undivided and in that year the older generation divided the heritage between Alfons Spincemaille son of his brother Eugenius and the children of his brother Charles Louis. This latest good will only be divised in 1919, thus 86 years after the death of their greatgrandfather Petrus Andreas Spincemaille (1749-1833). And it 's only after 1973 that the goods of the brothers and sister of René and Joseph came in hands of their children. That will cover a period of more than 150 years.


In Memoriam

Spincemaille, Bavo(#10), b.1798-d.1865
x Vercoutere, Maria Francisca (#11), b.1799-d.1878


15 May 1865 in Deerlijk, Wvl, B

In Memoriam

Vercoutere, Maria Francisca (#11), b.1799-d.1878
x Spincemaille, Bavo(#10), b.1798-d.1865


15 Mar 1878 in Deerlijk, Wvl, B