Simon Pincemaille winegrower in Vany near Metz - Made his testament in 1623


Some people suggested that this family could be original from Thonnance-lès-Joinville. For sure we know only that in the year 1623 the old Simon Pincemaille , wine-grower (vigneron-î, wijnbouwer-Nl) who lived in Vany near Metz gived all his properties  to his children who must supply him with all what was necessary to live and also sufficient wine. This information was found in a notarial deed of the "Amandellerie Ste-Croix à Metz". He died ca 1628. It was the time of the "30 years war 1618-1648" who devastated the whole region.



These people were mainly winegrowers but not every body could live from the wine culture. 

Some of them will migrate  for economical reasons on the axis Nancy - Metz - Thionville - Luxembourg and even will arrive in America

But the great split came in 1872 when Alsace-Lorrain was occupied fthrough Germany. See "optants pour la France"

Others have left the region in time of war and some developped simply other activities.


Simon Pincemaille had 3 sons but today all descendants came from his greatgrandsons Estienne and Jean  Pincemaille

1. Simon Pincemaille ( - 1625, Vany) x Marguerite Braconnier will dy in Vany in 1625.

2. Jean Pincemaille (- 1627, Nancy x  1613 Lucie Lhuiller in Nancy and will dy in Nancy during the 30 years war (1618-1648).

3. Estienne Pincemaille ( - after 1647) x Marguerite Girard

                                ->  Simon Pincemaille x 1640 Catherine Chery.

                                                          A. Estienne Pincemaille x 1672 (Cath. Jehanne) Jeanne Sar

                                            B. Jean Pincemaille x ca 1668 Catherine Boilvin 



A. Estienne Pincemaille (Fam. Pincemaille-Sar I)

We see a great split in these families in 1872 when a lot choosed for France for political and or economical reasons.



- Jean -> Jean (Fam Pincemaille-Job) -> François Pincemaille x 1792 Lucie Pincemaille.

But also under his children we see these inter-family mariages

- - Jean François Pincemaille x 1824 Marie Pincemaille

- - Jean-Pierre Pincemaille x 1827 Anne Pincemaille.

       - -> -> Jean-François Pincemaille °1832. This line choosed for France in 1972 and moved to Paris.

       - -> -> Jean-Eug. Pincemaille x 1864 Annie Dedon. This line stayed in the region  of Metz.

- - Jean Michel Pincemaille x 1817 Anne Job (grandmother Catherine Pincemaille)

       - -> -> Thierry Pincemaille An idea of the complexity and the wars in this region you will find at the website of Thierry Pincemaille

       - -> -> Clément Pincemaille. He was deported with his father and grandfather in 1940. Some  of his family members died in the desastre of Oradour-dsur-Glane in 1944.


- Simon -> Jean (Fam. Pincemaille-Sar II) -> Hubert 

      - -> - > Theodore Dominique Pincemaille was the founding father of the Pincemaille (Passmel) family who emigated in 1853 from Mamer, Luxembourg to the Usa.          

      - -> - > Georges Pincemaille. This line choosed for France in 1872.

      - -> - > Louise Pincemaille- Blanié. This line choosed for France in 1872.


- Simon -> Pierre (Fam. Pincemaille-Le Lorrain)-> Jean Michel

      - -> -> Paul Pincemaille. This line stayed in the region of Metz but some one was member of the "Souvenir Français d'Alsace"

      - -> - > Lionel Pincemaille. This line choosed for France in 1872. Bur yet before this time there was Charles Pincemaille , "menuisier, ébéniste",who married in 1823 Marguerite Rosalie Ligner in Paris and also one of his sisters moved to Paris


B. Jean Pincemaille (Fam. Pincemaille-Boilvin)

Families here will leave the region of Metz earlier for economicel reasons in the direction of Luxemburg or Germany

 and moved then further to Paris.


- Jean -> Jean -> Nicolas -> Jean-> Jean François (Ennery) - ->- > E. Baud

Jean François Pincemaille (°1752) moved as teacher to Ennery a village between Metz and Thionville. His grandchild Marie Pincemaille (° 1803) lived in difficult conditions in Ennery with her husband Charles Millet who was obliged to work sometimes as gardener in Paris. But tragic was the destiny  of her daughther Marie Millet (°1844)  who arrived in sept 1862  alone in Paris, 3 years after her mother's death, 19 years old and  being  3 months pregnant of her child Marie-Augustine Millet. It took 3 generations of lost woman before the sitution normalised. 


- Jean -> Jean -> Jean -> Hubert Pincemaille (Inglange)

Hubert Pincemaille (°1743) will leave probably for economical reasons the region of Metz for the region of Buding - Inglange - Basse Ham between Thionville and the German border. In the mean time the family name changed to Pinsmail and Pinsmale. A lot of his grandchildren will move to Paris around 1850 and will choose naturally for France in 1872

- - from Pierre Pinsmail (2nd mariage) only a grandson Jean Pinsmail (wine marchant, °1826, Inglange)  moved to Paris. Bernard Jean Pinsmail grandson of Jean did n't conue the wine business in Paris , but maried Henriette Galtier and will work in the business of "ancient furniture" of his parents-in-law. Bernard Jean ° 1881 died in 1933. His wife Henreitte continued with his thaugther Denise Pinsmail the "furniture" business certainly till 1972. It became a meeting point of the Pinsmail and Galtier family, situed at the boulevard de Magenta near Montmartre.Dominique Pinsmail has good memory of his aunt Denise (ref email Clause Thjoin)

- - from Michel Pinsmail (2nd mariage) practically all descendants stayed in Inglange.

- - from Pierre Pinsmale (3th mariage), the youngest son, practically all descendants moved to Paris.




Erasme Pincemaille lived in Metz but his family came from Dinant, Belgium.

Erasme Pincemaille (°1730-) was a freemason in Metz, but he was not a descendant of Simon Pincemaille, he was born in Liège, B and his father Noêl was born as Natalis Pinsmaille in 1696 in Dinant, Nam, Belgium. We find this family ca 1750 in Paris, when Julien a brother of Erasme Pincemaille (born in 1727  in Jumeppe-sur-Meuse,  diocese of Liège)  was condamned for robery (F: vol, Nl: diefstal) and incarcerated in Rochefort, free in 1774. The freemason Erasme moved to Metz where he married in 1755. We find him afterwards in Germany and Russia.


"Optant pour la France" 1872

- In 1872 after the defeat against Germany (see map 1871) several descendants born in Elsace-Lorraine but living at that time outside this territory choosed for the French nationality. For this reason we will find descendants in Paris, the Provence and Bretagne. One of them Jean-François9 Pincemaille (#4727),born in Rupigny, 57, Lor, Fra 15 Sep 1832, "marchand de vins", will live in Paris. His son Paul-Louis also "commercant en vins" hold a restaurant Pincemaille-Landa (Place Hunebelle, 92 Clamart) with his wife Louise-Sara Landa. It was a meeting point of the " Association des Anciens Elèves de l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris " founded in 1906. A souvenir of one of their famous "déjeuner Champêtre" came to us.

Also a "marchande de vin" in Paris was Jean Eugène Pincemaille. He married in 1864 M. Marg. Perrin hand ad children in Ancy-sur-Moselle between 1864 and 1872. But this family migrated after 1872 and they asked a normal  naturalisation in 1882 in Paris.


The 2 world wars

- When in 1900 most of the family members were wine-growers, came the plague of the phylloxera and all people has to change to meat and milk production. In Alsace-Lorraine we will seen in 1907 under the german occupation the start of the organisation "Le souvenir Français".And again in the World War I and World War II they were forced to serve in  the Germain Army. They called themselve "Les Malgré Nous". Live was never simple in this region. Like after WWI the inhabitants have been administratively divided in 4 categories. To remember are also family members of Charly died in the disaster of Oradour in 1944. An idea of the complexity and the wars in this region you will find at the website of Thierry Pincemaille