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 "Malgré-Nous" -1920

Henri Pincemaille (1877-1931) Président Fondateur


After the defeat of France against Germany in 1872 Elsace-Lorrain belonged to Germany. So the young man had to serve in the German Army during World War I (1914-1918). When after the defeat of Germany the region came back to France this boys were not well seen through their French compatriots because after all in their eyes they shoot volontary on French soldiers. But in reality the situation of war was not in their hands and it was Henri Pincemaille together with André Bellard who started the association named " Malgré Nous" what means "Out of our Will". Henri was an affable man deeply attached to his Lorrain country and was well placed to take action because he also was a war  victim and loosed a leg in this war hit by a French obus and more his father was a "Franc-tirreur" in the 1872 War. A similair situation arised during world War II (1939-1945) when Elsace-Lorrain was occupied by  german troops. So after this war the name of the society was enlarged to " Malgré Nous et RéFractaires"  (réFractaires: who refused to serve in the -german- army). This association became fully recognized when in 1956 she affiliated with the "Fédération Nationale André - Maginot"