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Restaurant Landa-Pincemaille


Paul-Louis Pincemaille "commercant en vins" hold a restaurant Landa-Pincemaille , Place Hunebelle, 92 Clamart with his wife Louise-Sara Landa.

His father Jean François also a "commercant en vins" was one of the optants for France in 1872, who has left his natal region Lorraine for Paris after the defeat against Germany 


The restaurant became a meeting point of the

" Association des Anciens Elèves de l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris " founded in 1906 by Fernand Sabatté

A souvenir of one of their famous "Déjeuners Champêtre" came to us (see second picture)






Déjeuner Champêtre

du 9 juin 1909


Restaurant de la Brêche du Bois

chez Pincemaille à Clamart


Déjeuner of the  "Association des Anciens Elèves de l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris ".

On the backside of the menu of the meeting of 1909 we found a cartoon of their meeting and the signatures of fiftheen members.

We could identify 3 of them at the right side of the picture : first Fernand Sabatté (1874-1940) founder of the association in 1909 and

2 famous political cartoonist of those days Jean Véber (1864-1928) and Adolphe Willette 1857-1926).


Fernand Sabatté (1874-1940).
He founded in 1906 the "Association des Anciens Elèves de l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris"
° 14 may 1874 in Aiguillon, Lot et Garonne. 
+ 22 october 1940  in an accident caused by a german truck in Chamigny near Meaux, Seine et Marne, France.

Jean Véber, painter and cartoonist (1864-1928).
Jean Veber was born in Paris in 1864. Trained as a painter, he became a cartoonist when his brother, Pierre Veber, asked him to join his journal, Gil Blas. Veber's nationalistic drawings soon made him one of France's most popular political cartoonists.
In 1897 his cartoon showing Otto von Bismarck as a butcher of his people, caused an official outcry. This was followed four years later by an attack on Edward VII, whose face was imposed on the face of the posterior of a leering Britannia.

Adolphe Willette (1857-1926), famous caricaturist.
Son of a military, Adolphe Willette was born in Châlons-sur-Marne 31 july 1857 and  died in Paris, 4 february 1926. He was one of the famous cartoonist at the end of the 19th century. Sometimes he made also comic strips (î.: bandes dessinées) and came up with the figures  Pierrot and Colombine. Known are his plans  of the "Moulin Rouge" at Montmartre, where he was also one of the remarquable figures.  


At the end 9 of the 16 signatures have been identified






H. Colin LeFrancq

Hélène Colin-LeFrancq

°ca1860 Paris


Artworks between 1860 en 1940. Linked with the Foundation Maurice Colin-LeFrancq ?

A. Willette

Adolphe Willette




Jean Véber

Jean Véber




Fernand Sabatté

Fernand Sabatté




Léon Comerre

Léon Comerre

°10/10/1850, Trélon, Nord, Nord Pdc, Fra

+20/02/1916, Paris


Henry Daudin

Henri-Charles Daudin


ca 1910

 1911 expo "salon des artistes Français" - peintre






Sonia Routelinc..





Y. Thierry..





Louis Masson…

Louis Masson



 la mairie de Barbizon a été la demeure de Louis Masson, l'un des derniers peintres de l'école de Barbizon, la mairie en devient propriétaire en 1955. Pein ture  Alhambra, 1860.






E. Boutigny

(Paul) Emile Boutigny

°11/03/1854, Lachaussée-du-bois d’écu , 60, Pic, Fra

+1929, Paris

 peintre, sculpteur


D. Maillart

Diogène (Ulysse, Napoléon) Maillart


01/08/1926 Paris


Louis An.. Billeuil …




 ? C

J. Guillemin

Jules Guillemin




Sig Minier…