Around 1300 we have found the first apparition of the family name in the counties of Flanders and Hainaut.

But at that time through political influence of France the 2 counties were divided. Flanders and the county of Namur were opposed to the county of Hainaut and their Holland alies. With time the Pincemaille families disappeared in the county of Hainaut. At the time parish registers came up we found 2 groups of Branches going southwards from Flanders or Namur.
1.In the county of Flanders we start with  the region Coutrai-Tournai-Lille going from  Picardie (Somme and Oise) to Paris.
2. On the other hand we can start with Namur and the whole riverside of the Meuse  to Thonnance-les-Joinvile and Metz.
3.A small amount of people we will find in America p.e. in Brazil

1 From Flanders Southwards


1.2.Picardy (Somme).

1.3.Picardie: Oise.

1.4. Paris

2 From Namur Southwards

2.1. Along The "Meuse"-river: Namur (B), Dinant(B), Braux (Fr)

2.2. The Marne: around le Lac "du Der-Chantecocq"

2.3. Moselle: Vany and Metz


3.1 Brazil.


Origins of the branches

Origins of the Branches