The Pins(c)emaille family

from "charrons, laboureurs" of Roissy-en-France"

to the "marchands, laboureurs" at Villepinte

and the "marchands, bonnetiers" in Paris"


Here we have a typical family near and north of Paris (Roissy and Villepinte ca 25 km from the ports of Paris) They were not simply farmer (F: laboureur, Nl: landbouwer) but beneath that they had some mercantile activities. Some of them were also cartwrights (F: charrons, Nl: wagenmakers), who made the wagons (F: chariots, Nl: karren), used by others the merchant-farmers (F: marchand, laboureurs) to transport agriculture products, following in Paris the ancient road coming from St Denis(rue St-Denis) and sell that on the markets of  Paris. They sold not only their own production but bought up, sometimes in advance,  also the crop of the other small farmers, which was risky and speculative. As a matter of fact many of them were also "bourgeois de Paris".


RoissyParisCassiniSmalll.jpg (409563 bytes) 1771ParisVaugondyRueStDenisSmall.jpg (768522 bytes)
Roissy - Villepinte Aubervilliers near Paris (Map Cassini 1760-1789) Paris rue St-Denis (Map Vaugondy 1771)


This was the higher  class of farmers who knew each other very well from their commercial activity in Paris and we find a lot of marriages between the same families. Therefore it's not easy to explore their genealogy, certainly when they moved to Paris, where parish registers were lost in 1872 in a fire. So it is necessary to use the notarial deeds of this people.

It was typical for these families that the oldest son continued the farm of his father. They ware normally rich enough to arrange a good marriage for a second son. A third son could start in line of their commercial activities as butcher, "marchand, bonnetier" etc. along the old road "rue St-Denis" in Paris.

"Marguiller": churchwarden (Nl: kerkmeester) was another function they were interested as will in Roissy, Villepinte or Paris because it augmented their local influence and was sometimes a step-up for a clerical career for another son.


Things start here with Etienne Pinsemaille a "charon, laboureur" at Roissy-en-France, 95, Idf, born 1596, died 02 Jul 1656 in Roissy. We noted 3 mariages, but it is not completely sure that it's each time the same Etienne Pinsemaille.


1.  Etienne (Estienne) Pinsemaille (<-Etienne Pinsemaille xx Clémence Binguand).

He followed up his father and became also "charron, laboureur" at Roissy. We will find the same occupation in his descendants in Roissy. 

But his second son Guillaume °1658 should be the charcutier in Paris x Marguerite Le Duc and his descendants will also  be charcutiers in Paris. His son also Guillaume married ca 1720 Madelaine La Cloque, who was related through her family with Anne Leroy thaughter of Louise Pincemaille of the Branch of Villeneuve (the exact linki has yet to be established).

Here too we see migration of the youngets sons:

We will find then his youngest son Thomas Pincemaille °1679 #6494 as "charon" in Ermenonville (60, Pic),  where he married in 1708Marie Marguerite Foudrin in 1708. Then  Mathieu Pincemaille #12124, born 1726, youngest son of Thomas, migrated south of Paris and was "charron" in Grigny (91 Essonne, Idf, Fra). And here too the eldest son became "charon" but the other sons  have to look for jobs like gardener or "domestique". A lot of the descendants of this family will do with time the move to Paris, occupations were "sellier", "coordonnier", "traiteur", painter of buildings etc. . 

! We investigate at the moment the hypothesis that under the descendants of Etienne (Estienne) Pinsemaille  we could find:

- Noêl Paul Pincemail, ° Paris, emigrated in 1752 as shoemaker (F: cordonnier) to Louisiana, Usa, parents Denis Pincemail x Marie Denis.  Denis Pincemail could eventually be a son of Denis Pinsemaille x 1694 Marie Barat.

- Jean François Noêl Pincemail °1767 of the branch of the shoemakers in Paris x1792 in Paris. Maybe he was a son of Louis Pinssemaille x1761 Marie Catherine (Catherine) Barat and as apprentice in service of  Denis Pincemail x Marie Denis (see above).  

! "petite histoire" Louis Pinssemaille (see above),  a grand child of Etienne Pinsemaille xxClémence Binguand,  get 3 children with his first wive and 12 within 15 years with his second wife Marie Catherine Barat. He had at least 2 twins, maybe three,  with his second wife and they took probably each time a wet nurse (nourrice). In case of an unattented twin, they have to look in the villages around Roissy like for Catherine Julie Pincemaille, who died at the age of 6 months in Ognes, 60 Oise, about 30 km away from Roissy. We suggest that Jean François Noêl Pincemaille could have been from a twin.

2. Charles Pincemaille (<- Etienne Pinsemaille xxx Jehanne (Susanne) Olin (Alix)) married Barbe Prévost from a family of "marchands, laboureurs" in Villepinte and  became also " marchand , laboureur" in Villepinte, but this Pincemaille branch will not continue.

-  Maybe his oldest sons followed up their father Charles, but we know that they had no descendants.

- His oldest daughter Suzanne maried Claude Grimperel from the branch of Aulnay-les-Bondy (Aulnay-sous-Bois). A descendant from Michel Martin, brother of Claude Grimperel was Blanche Marie Angélique Charlotte de GrimpErel who will mary in 1786 Etienne-Augustin Grimprel (mark the small difference in the family name) from Aubervilliers, who was a descendant of here uncle Michel Pincemaille. GrimpErel and Grimprel lived near each other, but were till then not (as far as we know) linked through marriages -and this illustrate the complexity of the genealogy of these families.

- from the youngest son Noêl we know that he became "marchand bonnetier" in Paris, prob. with the help of his uncle Michel (follows). Unfortunately he also get no children and his heritage has been divided under his wife and the children of his sisters. So it's clear that this family line of the Pincemaille in Villepinte ended here.


3. The outcome for a third son Michel (<- Etienne Pinsemaille xxx Jehanne (Susanne) Olin (Alix)) was that he became " Marchand bonnetier" in Paris. Some of his decendants bought offices in Paris and get other functions in the French administration. .

- It was said that he married somebody of  the Grimprel family of Aubervilliers. One of his female descendants  Marie-Thérèse Boyer-de-St-Leu married again somebody of the same Grimprel family: their son will be  Etienne August Grimprel who will mary a descendant of the GrimpErel family of Aulnay-les-Bondy. (see above).

- Most of his descendants will be "marchands", only a grandchild Barthelemy Pincemaille had an office and was an "avocat au parlement" of Paris.

If that is not complex enough we find in his descendants one Michel after another. They could only be distinguished by an adapted surname: for exemple  Pincemaille de Villiers




We are developping this genealogy. All informations and remarks are very wellcome.

So verify the data. See p.e.:  Louis Pinssemaille and Jeanne-Nicole Félicité Pinssemaille