A Pince-maille family of tax collectors in Villeneuve and Raray

later on members of the parliament of Paris




Compiègne 1310

Pincemaille, bourgeois of Compiègne


It was the first appearance of a Pincemaille in this region. He was authorised by the king "Philippe le Bel" to buy a noble court (terre noble)  in Bienville.


ca 1600

We start with François Pinchemaille and  Robert Pincemaille, probably of the same family, in Villeneuve  and Raray (2km away) ca 1600.

This was a family of (tax?) collectors (F:receveur: N:ontvanger, rentmeester)/farmers in charge of the owners, nobles staying most of the time in Paris. We should then not be wondered that a lot of the descendants have occupied functions in the parliament of Paris  and other offices.

We find also Pinchemaille families in Chevrières 10 km north of Villeneuve-sur-Verberie mostly in the 17th century, but they were "manoeuvrier" what mains day labouror (F: journalier) and thus on a lower status of the society than the families of Villeneuve. Child mortality was high and live expectation low. They disappeared from Chevrières around 1745.



Descendants of François Pinchemaille


The descendants of François Pinchemaille ( - 1656) x Antoinette Mouton will stay mostly in and around Villeneuve as "laboureur/ receveur", later on as cartwright (F: charretier, Nl: wagenmaker)

His grandson François Pincemaille °1656 x 1685 Jeanne Coqueret was "receveur de Yvillers"

-> JB Pincemaille °1691  x 1721 Marie Madeleine Bergeron ,"receveur de Villeneuve"

-> -> Jean Baptiste Pincemaille #6651 (°1725 Villeneuve-sur-Verberie) was "cultivateur Brasseuse" (1752), "receveur de la terre et Seigneurie de Villers-St-Frambourg" (1756) and died in 1806 as "maire de Brasseuse". He married xx ca 1760 Angélique Delaunoy -> Nicolas x  ? ca 1789 Marie Victoire Elisabeth Delaunoy from Rully, 60, Pic, Fra.

Remark:  there is not a direct link with François Thomas Pincemaille de Laulnay, a descendant from Martin Pincemaille, son of Robert

-> -> Jacques Pincemaille °1732 -> JB Pincemaille -> Joseph Jean Baptiste Pincemaille ca 1835 "épicier, charretier" in Brasseuse,  -> Stanislas "cantonnier départemental, charretier" .

-> -> Martin Pincemaille (#9864, ° 1734) x Marie Claude Rousseau living in Paris (prob. following his uncle Jacques to Paris) in the parishes St Eustache and St Sulpice -> Charles August (°1773), volonteer (volontaire révolutionnaire) in 1792 in Paris, he became an officer in the "Grande Armée" of Napoléon. When he retired in 1813, he married Félicité Cormier in Angers and will live there. His 2 sons will come back to Paris when they maried.

-> Jacques Pincemaille #6275 (1689- <1761) Yvilers, 60 surnamed Jacques de Paris was bourgeois ( ref.  Chan nr 37) of Paris living in the parish St Sulpice. He was the exception of this part of the branch and moved to Paris. He was linked with the Coqueret family through his mother Jeanne Coqueret a family of postmasters who used the influence of some of the Pincemaille to acquire the function of postmaster(see also below) in the smalle village of Villeneuve-sur-Verberie instead of Verberie.


Raray (2 km away from Villeneuve)

Descendants of Martin Pincemaille (son of Robert)


A lot of descendants of Martin Pincemaille (son of Robert) will do the move from the smaller village of Raray  to Verberie and further to  Paris and one person  later on to Bordeaux. 

Remark: Although his son Thomas Pincemaille married Catherine de Villers, the "Pincemaille de Villiers" families are fom the branch of Roissy.

Some important grandsons of Martin Pincemaille are:  

- Martin de Rochelle who was the founding father of the Bordeaux family, was probably one of his grandsons. His father Martin "bourgeois de Senlis in Picardy" lived as Martin de Raray in the Castel of Thiers-sur-Thèves x Marie Chantrelle. Parish registers of Pont-Armé & Thiers (Thiers became in 1968 Thiers-sur-Thève, 60, Pic, Fra) are in bad state for that period, nevertheless we could find the births of some children Jacqueline, Anne, Jean between 1555 and 1557, Pierre + 1693 but not Martin de Rochelle ° ca 1556 nor the mariage of their parents.

- Jacques Pincemaille #10492 x ca 1700 Anne Taon  was  "receveur des épices au Parquet et Notaire au Parlement" and was also linked with the Coqueret family along the descendants of the second mariage of his grandmother Barbe Cüet (xx Gaspard Bouleux). Probably he also was a help for the Coqueret family to occupy the function of postmaster in Villeneuve-sur-Verberie.

His grandchild Marie Charlotte Françoise Pincemaille will move to Bordeaux and married Bernard Salles, doctor in Haiti.

- Thomas Pincemaille "dierecteur des aides de l'éléction de Beauvais, puis de Compiègne" married 15 sept 1701 in Paris Claude Georgette Béhagle of the  famous family of tapestry manufactures in Beauvais, coming from Oudenarde , East Flanders, Belgium. As a director of the "aides de la ville et élection de Beauvais" Thomas used his influence for the production autorisations this family needed.

-  - His oldest son Guy Michel Pincemaille became "directeur des aides, Auxerre, 89"

-  - His son François-Thomas Pincemaille de Laulnay   was ca 1760 mentionned as: "commis Au bureau de la Surintendance des Batiments du Roy demeurant ordinairement À Versailles" - "Mr FraFrançois Thomas de Pincemaille De Launoy Conseiller du Roy et de son Altesse Serenissime.. Monseigneur Le duc D'orléans Prévost Royal de Bethisy et Verberie".

We know also Antoine-Thomas ° 1749 in Paris, the son of this François Thomas Pincemaille de Laulnay from a written portrait of the old "Picard" Antoine-Thomas de Pincemaille de Laulnoy - "ancien directeur des droits réunis" - (see also ref.  Chan nr 53-55)  in 1834 in Charenton-le-Pont, 94, Idf, Fra.

- Another grandson named Antoine Pincemaille married Marie-Anne Ployé -> the family of Pincemaille de Ploy. He was "concierge buvetier de la 1ière chambres des requêtes" in Paris.  We find his name on a "jeton royal"  may 1700 from the churchwardens  (Fr:marguillier, Nl: suisse) of th St Bartlemy parish.

- - In an attempt to give the family name a noble status their eldest son Séraphin Antoine Pincemaille de Ploy caught the "office" of "commissaire des guerres des mousquetaires noirs" in 1719 (sec. compagnie garde à cheval du Roi).There exists a painting from 1729, showing his troops.

- - René another son °ca 1700 was himself "mousquetaire du roi", domiciliated in Guadeloupe. Maybe Sébastien Pincemail ° 1979 in  Guadeloupe was a descendant.

Some Notes

1. French Revolution

After the French Revolution: it was very difficult for this branch to survive in the changed society after the French revolution.

2. Probably from this branch:

- Jean Pincemaille de Boisvillet  #11088: " Concierge buvetier, cour des monnaies" in Paris, from  1718 till 1729.   

3. Principal source of the information was: " En passant par .... La Borde " par J.Lesueur-Meignen ed. 30 Mars 2000.

We are developping this genealogy. So all informations and remarks are very wellcome