After 1600 several Pinchemaille came up in Chevrières

but are gone around 1750


We find also Pinchemaille families in Chevrières 10 km north of Villeneuve-sur-Verberie mostly in the 17th century, but they were "manoeuvrier" what mains day labouror (F: journalier) and thus on a lower status of the society than the families of Villeneuve. Child mortality was high and live expectation low. They disappeared from Chevrières around 1745.

We know the descendants of the 2 brothers (Michel and Jean) and two sisters Françoise and Marguerite), but the name of their father Pinchemaille stays unknown. Nevertheless the  first names Fiacre and Adrien, sons of Michel Pincemaille let us suppose that they came from  the  branch of Quevauvillers.