"Les Receveurs des droits du Roy" - Pincemaille in Bordeaux - 1694


Origin: Oise Picardie

The founding father of this family was Martin Pincemaille (de Rochelle)  °1656 x 1694 Catherine Germain

His father was also a Martin Pincemaille and we found 2 references we linked to him:

- Martin Pincemaille "Bourgeois de Senlis en Picardie" x Marie Chantrelle (sometimes read as Chanteville) as father of  Martin Pincemaille de Rochelle x 1694 Catherine Germain (mariage act). 

- Martin Pincemaille de Raray x Chantrelle (1626-1685) of the castel of Thiers-sur-Thève, 60 Oise in "Comptes Rendus & Mémoires" of the "Comité Archéologique de Senlis" 1897, p. 30-31  and 1899, p. 14-15.

This last Martin could be seen as a son of Martin Pincemaille #3537 (1610-1636) x (Raray 1628)  Barbe Cüet of the family in Villeneuve-sur-Verberie, Oise 60, Pic, Fra. 


It was the time of the persecution of the protestants

 It was the time that the protestants were  persecuted in France from 1630/1640 on, ending withe the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 and the new Edict of Fontainebleau,  forbidding the Protestantism. Known resistance centers of Protestantism were Bordeaux, La Rochelle etc. The possessions of the protestants have been confiscated and were now so-called "Royal Domains". It's in this context that we have to see the move from the Pincemaille family to Bordeaux as "receveurs des droits du Roy" (F: receveur, E: tax collectors, Nl:ontvanger, rentmeester). 


Move to Bordeaux

We suppose that Martin Pincemaille de Rochelle  stayed first in Rillé (Indre et Loire, Centre, Fra), where we found at that time a water mill " de Pincemaille" on the river the "Lathan"and later on in La Rochelle before he arrived in St-Médard-en-Jalles (known for the production of gunpowder with watermills since 1660)  near Bordeaux. When he married, 38 years old in 1694 Catherine Germain (18 y.) in Bordeaux he was "receveur des droits du roy", living at St Médard-en-Jalles and became "Bourgeois de Bordeaux"  in 1705. Probably this family lived in St Médard-en-Jalles but most of the parish registers are lost. We find marriage contracts of his children in Bordeaux but they lived mainly outside this city and stayed during wintertime in Bordeaux. Allthough some  descendants lived in Bordeaux till about 1980 our genealogical information ends at 1832.


This was a family of the higher bourgoisie, see the children of Martin Pincemaille de Rochelle:

- Louis the oldest son lived after his mariage in 1735 first in Arveyres, 33 Gironde, Fra  and then in Auch (31), where he was "directeur et receveur général des domaines de la généralité d'Auch". (Auch, Gers 32, MPyr, between Bordeaux and Toulouse,Haute-Garonne 31, ,MPyr). He married Marie Catherine Germain, but because consanguinity in the second degree they needed a papal dispensation. They had a son born before their marriage from a socalled  unkown father and unknown (sic) mother, who they recognised at their mariage.

- Jean Pincemaille stayed in St Medard-en-Jalles. No children are known.

- Louis François de l'Etaing moved to the city of Bordeaux. He married in 1741 Marie-Jeanne Liquart of a family of merchants in Quebec, Canada. He was at that time "employé dans les affermes du Roy". The marriage was celebrated in the domestic chapel of Priban (Macau), owned by her uncle Jacques Malescot "conseiller du roi". His daughther  Thérèse-Magdeleine-Rose Pincemaille married in 1775 Jean-Baptiste "Roborel de Climens" owner of the famous vineyard with the same name.

- Martin-Michel (Martin), "bourgeois de Libourne" lived in the nearby Libourne. His daughter Catherine married in 1766 Pierre de Hiribara. The marriage was with dispensation of the archbishop exceptionally celebrated in the small church of "Ile-du-Carney" (who was before owned by the Templars) and registered in Arveyres instead of Libourne, where they lived. Martin Pincemaille died the next year in 1767 and was buried in the church of Arveyres as "bourgeois d'Arveyres".


Connection with St Domingue (Haïti) and Canada

1. We find some Pincemaille in and around Cap-Français (Now Cap-Haïtien)

Louis_Prosper Pincemaille (son of -see above- Louis, "directeur des domaines d'Auch") left Bordeaux in 1764 and travelled for business to Cap-Ha¨tien

- Michel-François Pincemaille prob. of the same family lived at 13 km of Cap-Haïtien in Limbe in a green valley. He had five children Pincemaille with a Black woman the socalled Nanette Pincemaille (+1784), although they never married. He gived them ground and slaves to survive (ca 1776). It was enough to make from Nanette a planter of the middle sort, she became the matriarch of the Pincemaille clan.  

2. Louis François d'Etaing will marry Marie Liquart, who came in 1740 from Québec to Bordeaux (see above)