Firmin Pinchemaille, 1680 Varennes-en-Croix (Somme) and Simon Pinchemaille, 1569 Saulty (Artois)


Firmin Pinchemaille born in 1680 lived in Varennes-en-Croix, Somme(80), Picardie, Fra situated between Amiens and Arras. He is  the forefather of one of the Pinchemaille families above Amiens. We find written documents of them ca 1700. But more as 110 years ago we find yet a Simon Pinchemaille 25 km north of Varennes in Artois in Saulty and Rebreuve-sur-Canche (hamlet La Couture), Nord-Pdc, Fra,  He was mentionned in a tax list* of 1569 of inhabitants of Artois, a region controlled till 1640-1659 by the Spanish Habsbourgers and maybe his descendants migrated after 1659. But the hypothesis is that the Pinchemaille families  came originally  more northly from the southly part  of the region of Courtrai - Tournai (the only place where we find from 13th century on, also Pinchemaille written with ch).


*Répertoire des noms de personnes artésiens en 1569, Roger Berger et alii, Ed Centre d'études Généalogiques du Pays des 7 Vallées, Impr centrale de l'Artois, Arras, 2000.