The brewers of Hoegaarden: from Jacques Pinsmel to PRinsmel


Hoegaarden became in the middle ages a village of brewers based on the quality and the number of the water sources, but certainly also because it was free from taxes.


from Pinsmel to Prinsmel

We find some Pinsmel between 1635 and 1785 in Hoegaarden, starting with Jacques Pinsmel x Marie Bosmans in 1635 in Hoegaarden. We do n't know his origin, maybe he came from Wallony. After 1785 the patronyme changed progressively to PRinsmel. Today Pinsmel is unknown in Belgium and  we find all the Prinsmel families around Hoegaarden. 


Maybe originally from Hoegaarden:

Around 1800 we find François Pinsemel and his family in Antwerp, in Rupelmonde (East Flanders) a Marie Pinsemel x Judocus Vermeulen, cooper (Nl: kuiper Fr: tonnelier).


Hoegaarden the Beer City

Hoegaarden was famous for his breweries and in the middle of the 18th century we will find till 38 small breweries in this village.

Their last creation was the famous Hoegaarden blond beer, now in hands of the multinational Inbev, who moved the production from november 2005 on to one of their bigger facilities in Liège. Nevertheless the local people started again with a few local small breweries and .... Inbev came back with a modernised brewery full operational in june 2008.


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