In Namur a lot of parish registers should have disappeared in a fire in 1914 during world war I.

We found some early bourgeois ca 1550 in Namur,

a lot of people in de nearby Sclayn

but we have only an established  branch from the boatman

who migrated from Namur to Liège ca 1700 (follows)


Lambert Pinsmaille/ Painsmay(e), °1709,  Boatman on the river the "Meuse" 

from Namur (B) over Liège (B) to Roermond (The Netherlands)

He was probably a descendant of Jean Spinsmaille x1662  Adrienne Rose  in Sclayn


The Pinsmaille of Namur / Sclayn  were navigating the lower Meuse to Liège and further to Roermond (The Netherlands). Liège became their operational base and there the family name changed to Painsmay(e), in the Netherlands it was written as Painsmaij.  Wellknown is Lambert Pinsmaille/ Painsmay(e) #5463 born in 1709 in Namur and son of Pierre x Marie-Françoise de Bournonville. Pierre Pinsmaille could be originally from Sclayn.


We found Lambert Pinsmaille yet in Roermond in 1742 as Lambert Painsmaij. Lambert became on the 22th July 1756 even bourgeois of Roermond. A document of the customs from 1764 (F: douane) give us the transfers to Roermond in that year. We find there also other members of the same family branch, namely his sons Pierre Joseph (#6038), Pierre François (#7587) et Pierre Rémy (#5465) and an unknown Hubert, prob. member of the same family (maybe Hubert Spinsmaille #6036,  ° 1746 or Heuberth (Philiberth) Spinsmaille #8608 ° 1730, both in Sclayn). Lambert  owned at the market of Roermond a Hotel "'T wit Peerdt / Au cheval blanc" and was an important person of the Roermond society. He was not only a boatman but also involved in other related activities in Liège: printer-editor of books and constructed even a "moulin à  farine"(1754).

- from his son Pierre Remi Painsmay we know  Guillaume Painsmay(e)   died in 1789, 21 years old, in an accident during the "French Revolution" days in Liège.

- His Taugther anne Marie Hélène Painsmaye married in 1758 Jan Naus, who owned the hotel "in 't Wit Paard" in Roermond together with her father.

- Pieter Joseph (Pierre Joseph) Painsmay married a year later the widow Joanna Maria Naus, sister of Jan Naus. The son of their taughther Maria Barbara Painsmay was Hubertus L F Beerenbroek (° 1805, Roermond)  who owned many public functions: membre of the Belgian and the Dutch parliament, bourgmestre of Weert and Roermond.

- His son Pierre Antoine Painsmay was a book printer in Liège. We know his taughther  Marie-Louise Josèphe Painsmay (prob. born in Liège) who maried after the Napoleon wars in 1816 in Paris Pierre Julien Barbe(de)tte (civil mariage). With the religious renewal ca 1830 followed in 1833 their  religious mariage. :

- His son Pierre-François (Lambert) Pinsmaye #7587 lived in Maastricht, Lim, Nl, but  moved probably with his family to Venlo after his second mariage in 1787.

- His taughther Marie-Adélaïde married the bookshopper and editor Joannes Jacobus Tutot (from French origin), who learned the "métier" first from her father Lambert.  


As beourgeois of Namur


between 1516 and 1699 we find ca 1550:

- Marie Spincemaille (1548, Namur, Pons Spallars): this name is a Flemisch variant and has to be situated between  the French Pincemaille and the FLemisch Pincemalge

- Philippe Pinguewael (1557) : from the Flemisch Pingemael

- Catherine Spargmaille (1553): is coming from the Flemisch name Spermalie. 

It means that probably in this period or before we have an immigration from the county of Flanders to Namur.

On the other hand we do n't find Pincemaille or other French variants as bourgeois of Namur in this period.

Ref.; Répertoire des Bourgeois de Namur, 1516-1699, M. Van Damme-Mairesse et Guy Delvigne, Ed Archives Générales du Royaume, Bruxelles, 1982.


Between 1700 and 1796 we will find ca 1700/1730

Jozef Pinsmay (1701), Pierre Spinsmaille (1714), Jean-Joseph Spinsmaye (1715), François Spensmay (1726), Jeanine Spensmay (1731).

You will see that here also the first S stays (till the French revolution), but also that the changes in the family names follow the changes in the nearby Sclayn

ref: Répertoire des Bourgeois de Namur, 1700-1796


 in the nearby Sclayn


Jules Destrée:

In Sclayn we find also Anne-Catherine Spinsmaille (1697-1746)  one of the ancestors of Jules Destrée (1863, Marcinelle, Hainaut, B -1936).


Name evolution:

In Sclayn;  in the birth tables of the parish registers we find mostly Spinsmaille, later on influence of Liège (boat trafic to liège) Speinsmaye, but with the French revolution the first S will disappear completely in the family name in favor of the local variant Pinsmaye. Parish registers of Sclayn exist and we need to read the acts and to make yet the branch of Sclayn.