Jean, Julien, Adrien and Pasquier (°ca 1635)

The 4 Brothers Pinchemel of Hailles



In the first generation we start with four brothers Jean, Julien, Adrien and finally Pasquier (°ca 1635) Pinchemel, parents are unknown,  but because of lacks in the parish registers this could not be completely verified. It results in  4 branches  Pinchemel.

- in the 6th generation of the descendants of Julien (one of this four brothers) we find Charles-François Nicolas Platel  who married Marie-Madeleine-Stéphanie Pinchemel (another descendant of the same Julien Pinchemel)  in Thézy-Glimont, 80 Somme, Pic, Fra, 30 Jan 1832.

- Marie Pinchemel (duaghther of Jean Pinchemel) x 1698 Gilles Finot in Hailles lived after her mariage as Marie -Anne Pinchenelle x Gilles Finet in Moreuil (80, Pic, Fra).


The info about other "Pinchemel" of the same  generation as the four brothers is even more disparate.


Boves between Hailles and Amiens

The first appearence of a Pinchemellle we found in 1507 in this region in Boves (between Hailles and Amiens). It was the "Thuillier" (F: Tuillier, E: making tiles , Nl: pannemaker) Adam Pinchemelle who put his mark on a document of "coutumes locales". We do n't have further information about him.



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