"Gerardus Pincemalge farmer and Verger (koster-Nl, Bedeau-F)" in Zwevegem - 1606

Gerardus Pincemalge came probably from elsewhere; and get his function as verger at the moment of the inauguration on August the 28th 1606 of the new Lord of Zwevegem Floris de Griboval. Gerardus had  children during the prosperous time of the reign of the Archducs Albrecht of Autrich and Isabella of Spain during the 12  years of peace in the region (1609-1621). Pincemalge was the flemisch homonym of the walloon Pincemaille in that region. The name changed to Spinsemaille around 1660 ("S"pincemaille  meaning "Nl: van, Fr: de, E: of" Pincemaille).

Gerardus probably lived near the St Amand church of Zwevegem because we find his son Michael Pincemalge there on a figurative map of 1686.