Evregnies - The Jean Baptiste Pinsmaillie /  Pinchemail around 1700

These families lived at the end of the 16th century partly in Helkijn, Spiere, WVl, B and Evregnies, Dottignies Hen, B. Following gaps in the parish registers of Spiere and  no existing index of the parish registers of Evregnies it was difficult to reconstitute these families. Only around 1700 we could reconstitute some families, but even then we were emberassed with a lot of people having the same first name Jean Baptiste.

It was also a bad time. Remember: from 1673 till 1678 under French occupation, but a real disaster was the occupation under  the 9 years war (1687-1696). And there was not only the war situation but also the climate was very cold in this days. We were then in the middle of the socalled small Ice Age. Then the priod 1692-1695 was a time of pestepidemies. People wandered around from one place to another.

 The first Jean Baptist Pinchemaille  #25077

was married with  Catherine Mariage and lived in Dottignies. They get a child Maria Josepha born in 1693 but died 17 days later on 1 august 1693. No other descendants are known.

In the same period we found also a second Jean Baptiste Pinchemail #20594 married ca 1694 with Jacqueline Sandra. It could be the same Jean Baptiste, but they lived in Warcoing. They had more children:

- A son of this last one has been named also Jean Baptiste #2010 °1695 in Warcoing. It was difficult to reconstitute this family but the link between them was Joannes Petrus Clarisse as witness in family events as mentionned hereunder. We will find this Jean Baptiste  as a

1. Jean Baptiste Pinchemail  we know only his birthdate in 1695 in Warcoing.

2. N Pinchemail presumed to be a Jean Baptiste Pinchemail woman unknown. He lived in Dottignies. We found 2  children between 1730 and 1735: Marie Rose Pinchemail (1730-1778) and JB Pinchemail (1735-1792). 

Marie Rose Pinchemail married Pierre Clarisse and lived in Dottignies.  One of  their children was Joannes Petrus Clarisse born in 1735. We will find him as a witness in mariages and births from the descendants of these  4 mentionned  Jean Bapiste.

3. Jean Baptiste Pinsmaillie woman unknown but children in Evregnies probably between 1738 and 1744.

One son Petrus Franciscus migrated from Evregnies to Moen, WVl,  B where the family name changed to Spinsemaille.

Another son was Carolus Ludovicus Pincemal (1740-1787) x 1765 Robertina Herman living first in Helkijn and then in Evregnies.

              - We will find his  son Ludovicus Josephus (°1772 Helkijn ,+Ghent)  xxx Joanna Duponcheel living in Wortegem as a smal merchand, but moved after 1816 and died in Ghent                          

 - Their son Jean Henri Pincemaille (°1815 Wortegem-1885 Ostend) lieutenant of the customs office (Doane) in Ostend , married there in 1858  Anna De Keyser. It was said that in 1873 Anna De Keyser took care of Arthur Rimbaud wounded by his friend Paul Verlaine in Brussels, but there is a problem with the time because we must wait tll 1885 before she was living in Brussels, the year her husband died in Ostend.

- Their daughther Pharailde born in Wortegem in 1821, will have an illegitme  son Felix Pierre Joseph Pinsemaille maried with Anne Lorson in 1876. But  Anne Lorson was between 1872 and 1874 a shopkeeper in Brussels and it is more likely that she took care of Arthur Rimbaud .  She married Felix Pierre Joseph Pincemaille (born 1854 Brussels, son of Pharaïlde Pincemaille) on 5 feb 1876. At  that date he recognised Arthur Félix Jean Pincemaille born the 4th of january of 1876 in Brussels as his son. It has been said that this Arthur Pincemaille should be in fact the son of Arthur Rimbaud and Anne Lorson


4. Jean Baptiste Pinchemail died suddenly in 1745 in Evregnies and married with Marie Josèphe Delvinquière.  No known children.