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We see here at left and at wright two contrasting family pctures  and in the middle the caracteristic portrets of the parents

Under the Shadow of the Evening Sun


ca 1912

from the In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Ivo(#53)1843.1934
Decraene,Eulalie (#59)1861-1945



Under the Shadow of the WWI


ca 1916

Under the Shadow of the Evening Sun.

We see here a beautifull picture in a natural composition. It's the end of the day and the harvest has been finished. The people who worked the whole day in the shining sun , are here in the shadow of the evening sun. In the background we see the steam driven agricultural engine.That's for sure the reason this picture was made.

  • On the foreground we see the father Ivo Spincemaille with a glass of beer in his hand in îont of his agricultural engine and he enjoys himself and is self-satified with the labour done.  At the same man-side we see his son René, his one year older brother being absent.

  • Beside Ivo stays his wife Eulalie with a carefull expression on her face who has to hold in a good direction the vitality of her husband and at her right side the dog who know where is the place to be. Anna the oldest daughter close this left side. She came from the farm with a can of beer for the workers. In the middle we see Jules the youngest son.

  • Above this line you will see Anna staying in a beam of sun who enjoys herself from the attention of the two other young boys.

Just before he will take the picture the fotograph asked mother Eulalie to put her head of strawout of the central picture in order to accentue the expression of her face. Nothing was then disturbing this peacefull scene unless on the downside of the picture we see the impression of a chicken who passed for a too short time picking some grains and who was not aware of what was going on.

Under the Shadow of the WW I

That's it a totally differant picture. Contrast could not be geater. The faces are depressed and have lack of expression and are looking in the direction of nowhere as in a îoozen picture, spontanity is totally loosed. Ivo looks as an old man who loosed his vitality. It's like they came together for a last common picture in the knowledge that this war could take away some of the members of the family or separe them.  And indeed the oldest son André will do his military service in the army, Jules  will die in 1917 before the end of the war and Anna  one year after the war finished.

In the same picture we see the different family members

  • Above we see in the middle the two oldest Daughthers Anna and Clara. They will mary two brothers David. Clara will later migrate with three of her children to a fam in the Loiret in France.

  • At left following in age André and Maria Margaretha who died in 1928. André the eldest will continue the parental farm

  • On Right side he same line will find the 2 sons:  René will become a Burgomaster/Farmer in Outryve. He owned with his wife Mathilde Vandennieuwenborgthe farm "Hof Ter Menilgen", known yet in 1405 and situated on the Ferrari Atlas in 1777. Jules the youngest of them will die during WWI in 1917

  • Then we have the two youngsters next to their parents. Magdalena will die in 1919 and Martha will marry Omer Cossement who died very young in 1935 leaving her alone with two young children of 7 and 8 years old.