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Zwevegem: Children of Remi Spincemaille (1855-1940)

Remi Spincemaille and Celine Dermaut had 6 children, 5 sons and one daughter, but their oldest son died on an age of 25 years in Savigny in France during World War I. Only Josef Spincemaille married with Irma Vandenbroucke and will live in Zwevegem in the "Oude Lettenhofstraat" were the family had some properties. All the others stayed at the parental farm in the Stedestraat in Zwevegem. Paul died in 1944 and we have a beautifull picture of the three other who stayed in the farm in the Stedestraat..

from the In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Remi(#58), b.1855-d.1940


4 Dec 1940 in Zwevegem, Wvl, B

Spincemaille, Remi(#58),1855-1940
Dermaut, Celine(#138),1865-1938


ca 1932

from the In Memoriam

Dermaut, Celine(#138),



21 Apr 1938 in Zwevegem, Wvl, B

from the In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Paul (#140), b.1892-d.1944


28 Aug 1944 in Kortrijk, Wvl, B

They lived Together in the "Stedestraat"
Spincemaille, Maurice (#141),1895-1983
Spincemaille, Marie-Antoinette  (Marietje) (#143),1899-1966
Spincemaille, Michel(#144),1901-1978


ca 1960



Zillebeke, Wvl, B, 04 Jan 1933