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Zwevegem: Children and Grandchildren of Petrus Franciscus Spincemaille (1845-1882)

Spincemaille, Petrus-Franciscus(#54), b.1845-d.1882 was born in the period the potato-crisis begon in Belgium. Petrus Franciscus Spincemaille had a bad health and died very young, leaving behind  three young children of his second marriage. His second Wife Eugenia will take care of the three children in difficult conditions. When she died in 1918 her children Achille and Alida ware in the States and her daughter in a convent. Only Medard son of Achille was on her side when she died. She complained then also in her memoriam that she could not say goodbye to the other family members. Achille travelled to America in 1903 with the SS Finland to look for a better live  leaving his wife with two young children in Belgium. His sister Alida followed hem in 1907 when she married Cyriel Vandenbroucke who came together with his brother from the States to marry here in Belgium. This two brothers installed them as entrepreneneurs in Maywood, Chicago, Ill. At that time Achille lived also in the same place and he was maybe the contactpoint to marry his sister.

In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Petrus-Franciscus(#54)1845-1882
D'Hulst,Eugenie(#106), b.1840-d.1918

13 Nov 1882 in Zwevegem, Wvl, B

The SS Finland
Spincemaille, Achiel (#110), b.1878-d.1952


Arrival at New York 1903

Vandenbroucke, Cyriel (#114)1868-1948
Spincemaille, Alida (#109), b.1877-d.1955

Zwevegem, Wvl, B, 11 Apr 1907

Achille came several times back to Belgium like in 1907 for the marriage of his sister and in 1911. War made contact then impossible till 1922 when the contact with Europe was normalised. His daughter came first and after a visit to Belgium from Achille followed also his wife to America. At that time Achille lived in Los Angelos, Florida.Medard son of Achille will never travell to the states because he was working as a teacher in a Belgian college in Ypres, WVl, B. Maria (Mietje) married in America with Julien Muller. But with the crisis of 1930 she came back to Europe with her husband and her mother and they installed them in Luxembourg were Julien worked in a Ford manufacture as technician. Achille stayed still in the State when his son Medard married in 1931 He moved around 1932 to ├«esno, California  We see here a picture of his sister Alida in her backyard ca 1940 and also of her husband in 1941 at the marriage of their daughther Irene.

United Family in the States
Spincemaille, Achiel  1878-1952
With his wife Helen and his daughter Maria


ca? 1923

Alida in her backyard
Spincemaille, Alida (#109),1877-.1955 x
Vandenbroucke, Cyriel (#114).1868-1948


Maywood, Ill, ca 1940

Cyriel At the Marriage of his daughter
Vandenbroucke, Irene(#218).1912-1991
x Richard Rehmer #223 (1914-1963)


Maywood, 31 May 1941

Medard Spincemaille 1962-1964

Below we see Medard son of Achille with his sister Maria and his aunt Maria Eugenia (Reverend Sister Florine). His aunt died in 1962. With here death he loosed a dear family member and the last person of the generation of his father. Two years later in 1964 he organised then a family reunion with all the descendants of Petrus Cornelius Spincemaille, brother of Bavo. At right we see a typical picture of him speaking at that occasion in his typical style of a teacher.

Aunt: Sister Florine

Spincemaille, Maria-Eugenia (Florine)  

(#107), b.1875-d.1962


with Medard and Maria

Family Reunion
Picture in the garden


Zwevegem 5 Jul 1964

The Organisator
Spincemaille, Medard(#116), b.1900-d.1981


Zwevegem 5 Jul 1964