Where it Started

?Burgundy(1384-1477) links All Family Branches?

(The Dukes of Burgundy owned in this days territories from Holland to Picardy and to Burgundy)


Where it started we do n't know because at the beginning of the parish registers ca 1600 we have yet several branches. But as we have some dates from ca 1600  till 1281, we put them on a map made end of the 15th century of Northern France, "Belgium" and Luxemburg. On this map we can see also the evolutions of the boundaries between the territories belonging to the Dukes of Burgundy ( 1384 -1477) and France after the end of the Hunderd Years war (1337 - 1454). We Indicated the dates  and places of the first found document with the patronym Pincemaille , Pincemalge etc..  A P  indicate the existence of a genealogy from that date (excepted Paris). In many cases there is a lot of  evidence that for dates around 1600 these families lived in this places long before the indicated date. As you can see from the spreading of the patronym the territories belonging in this days to the Dukes  of  Burgundy ( 1384-1477) could be the link between the Pincemaille families.


Find the 7 P 's of Pincemaille/Pincemaelge in the map  

(A broader view you can see in the "Shepherd" map of  1453   and also in a map from the period 1455-1494 )