Short overview : Where They Lived


Shortened Overview where They Lived.

About 2/3 of the families live today in France , 1/3 in Belgium and a minority in America (based on 265  phone numbers in 1999)

Around 1600 we find them in half a circle starting

from France : Paris - St Denis - Senlis - Amiens - Lille -

to Belgium: Courtrai/Oudenaarde/Tournai - Mons (Hainaut) - Namur -

and again France: Metz - Thonnance-lès-Joinville.

For practical reasons we start our overview with Belgium , then the most important part France and last but not least the emigration to America

  • 1.Belgium :  13th century and later : we find this family name already in some documents in Belgium as Pincemaille and Pincemalge. We will find them afterwards in the following regions

    • Oostburg-Knesselare  

      • Oostburg: Pincemalge (1281)

    • Kortrijk (1430) -Tournai-Oudenaarde (1394).

    • Hainault.  

      • Mons:Pincemaille (1295)

    • Namur.

      • Dinant: before 1600

  • 2. France:    16th century they lived also in the regions of Metz and St-Dizier in France.

    • Metz ( Vany : ca 1575) -  St-Dizier (Thonnance-lès-Joinville : 1538).

    All these regions mentionned above have in common that they were situated at that time at the borderline bertween France and Germany.The families were very attached to the ground where they lived and once they arrived they stayed till today. So all descendants living in the 20th century can trace their ancestors from the 19th century on in the regions where they lived yet in the 16th century and before.

    • Paris (1543)-Compiègen (1310) - Roissy- Senlis (before 1600) : 16th century. from this regions  they migrated also to the region Paris -St Denis . from there they went also more southly as in the 18 th century to Bordeaux in France.  Some isolated people served in the army and arrived also in several  places in France.

      • Senlis/Compègne: in 1310 we find a Pincemaille bourgeois of Compiègnefore, and ca 1600 they lived around the mount Cornon.

        • ->Bordeaux: ca 1708

    • Amiens, Lille: We find there people with the surname Pinchemel ,Pinchemaille and Pinchemail after 1600 in the 17th/20th century: Varennes (1680), Hailles (1635)

  • 3. America. Only a handfull individuals emigrated after 1600 to America, but they never established a family branch living there today. The exception is Brazil and Guadeloupe.

    • North-America

    • Caraïbes

      • Dominic. Rep.

        • Guadeloupe

    • Brazil