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J.B. Spinsemaille 1788-1810

Soldier of Napoleon


The descendants of Petrus Andreas Spinsemaille (Zwevegem Branch) told allways in their oral tradition that his oldest son served as a soldier in the "Grande Armée" of Napoleon but died ( ? in Russia) and did n't come back, even his first name became  unknown. True or false? But ... we found him as a Jan (Joannes Baptista) Spincemaille (1788-1810) died on 1 November 1810 at an age of 21 years in the military hospital of Brussels. He was a fuselier of the 121th line regiment (F: régiment de  ligne) of the infantry.  

This 121th regiment of infantry was created in1794 and yet disbanded in 1796. Beginning 1809 the 121th reg. of infantry was again created and formed of parts of the reserve legions. It will fight till 1813 in Spain and was after that a part of the "Grande Armée" in Russia. It was disbanded in 1814.

It's not clear when J. B. Spinsemaille was engaged in this regiment and if he really fought in Spain.


Some pictures in relation to this 121th Regiment of Infantry

See a  picture of a today staging

of fuseliers of the 45th line regiment.

Logo of the 121 regiment

of Infantry.

Postcard of 1904 mentionning the battles in Spain: 1808-1811


History of the "121e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne" 1794 - 1814

Regimental History   Regimental war records

1794: Created "121e demi-brigade de bataille" (formed from the following)

1er bataillon, 62e Regiment d'Infanterie
1er bataillon, Volontaires de l'Union
7e bataillon, Volontaires du Var


1796: Disbanded and incorporated into "39e demi-brigade d'Infanterie de Ligne"

1809: "121e Regiment d'Infanterie" (formed from)

1er and 2e Legion de reserve

(or ? in January 1809 from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Reserve Legions)


1814: Disbanded

1795: Col de Tende

1796: Mondovi, Batifolo, Pampara, and Saint-Michel

1809: Saragosse and Saint-Jean-de-la-Pena
1810: Torriente, Lerida, Alventosa, Fuenta-Santa, and Blancas
1811: Checa, Val de Penas, and Taragone
1812: Pinel and Villaseca
1813: Yecla, Biar, and Castalla
1813: Lutzen, Bautzen, Wurschen, Dresde, and Leipzig

1814: La Rothiere, Rosnay, Arcis-sur-Aube, and Paris