Marie Moliteur

F, #27571
     Marie Moliteur married Joachim Joseph Painsmaye on 27 Feb 1887 at Sclayn, Nam, B.

Children of Marie Moliteur and Joachim Joseph Painsmaye

Joseph Jules Ghislain Painsmaye

M, #27572, (17 December 1895 - )
     Joseph Jules Ghislain Painsmaye was born on 17 Dec 1895 at Sclayn, Nam, B. He was the son of Joachim Joseph Painsmaye and Marie Moliteur. Joseph Jules Ghislain Painsmaye married Marie Renon in 1930.

Marie Renon

F, #27573
     Marie Renon was born at Arbre, Hain, B. She married Joseph Jules Ghislain Painsmaye, son of Joachim Joseph Painsmaye and Marie Moliteur, in 1930.

Humbert Sar

M, #27574, (24 August 1662 - )
     Humbert Sar was born on 24 Aug 1662 at Vallières-lès-Metz, 57 Moselle, Lor, Fra. He was the son of Domange Sar and Zabely Thomas.

Marguerite Sar

F, #27575, ( - 16 June 1681)
     Marguerite Sar was the daughter of Domange Sar and Zabely Thomas. Marguerite Sar married Michel Bassompierre. Marguerite Sar died on 16 Jun 1681 at Charly, 57 Moselle, Lor, Fra.

Michel Bassompierre

M, #27576
     Michel Bassompierre married Marguerite Sar, daughter of Domange Sar and Zabely Thomas. Michel Bassompierre married Catherine Masson.

Catherine Masson

F, #27577
     Catherine Masson married Michel Bassompierre.

Nils Verplancke

M, #27591, (4 April 1987 - )
     Nils Verplancke was born on 4 Apr 1987. He and Lien Vandenberghe had a relation.

Children of Nils Verplancke and Lien Vandenberghe

Lou Verplancke

F, #27592, (11 September 2018 - )
     Lou Verplancke was born on 11 Sep 2018; (Veldegem.) She is the daughter of Nils Verplancke and Lien Vandenberghe.

Céline Laga

F, #27593, (18 May 1992 - )
     Céline Laga was born on 18 May 1992. She and Tijs Vandenberghe had a relation (Westkerke.)

Silke Vandendriessche

F, #27594, (4 December 1993 - )
     Silke Vandendriessche was born on 4 Dec 1993. She married Wout Vandenberghe, son of Luc Vandenberghe and Anne Marie (Mieke) Spincemaille, on 8 Sep 2018.

Child of Silke Vandendriessche and Wout Vandenberghe

Flo Vandenberghe

F, #27595, (22 December 2019 - )
     Flo Vandenberghe was born on 22 Dec 2019; (Eernegem.) She is the daughter of Wout Vandenberghe and Silke Vandendriessche.

Catherine Spinne

F, #27596, ( - 2 November 1741)
     Catherine Spinne died on 2 Nov 1741 at Andenne, Nam, B; (PR scan 100/141 p 592.) She was buried on 3 Nov 1741 at Andenne (St Jean), Nam, B.

Florence Josephe Pinsmaille

F, #27597, (6 July 1846 - )
     Florence Josephe Pinsmaille was born on 6 Jul 1846 at Anseremme, Nam, B; (acte nr 8802 du 7/7/1846.) She was the daughter of François Pinsmaille and Marie Henriette Joseph (Henriette) Monville.

Edouard Eugène Pincemaille

M, #27599, (13 May 1908 - )
     Edouard Eugène Pincemaille was born on 13 May 1908 at St-Julien-lès-Metz, 57 Moselle, Lor, Fra. He was the son of Nicolas Eugène Pincemaille and Elisabeth Guérard.

Arthur Yves Andre Pinchemaille

M, #27600, (16 December 1896 - 7 December 1960)
     Arthur Yves Andre Pinchemaille was born on 16 Dec 1896 at Seriers, 15 Cantal, Auv, Fra. He was the son of Alcide Angelbert Pinchemail and Mathilde Berthe Leonie Demaret. Arthur Yves Andre Pinchemaille married Julia Constance Irénée Contesse. Arthur Yves Andre Pinchemaille died on 7 Dec 1960 at Amily, 45 Loiret, Cen, Fra, at age 63.

Child of Arthur Yves Andre Pinchemaille and Julia Constance Irénée Contesse