Marie Françoise Boulanger

F, #27938
     Marie Françoise Boulanger married Auguste Léon (Auguste) Daré on 17 Jan 1953 at Metz, 57 Moselle, Lor, Fra.

Claudine Bosse

F, #27939, (27 December 1943 - )
     Claudine Bosse was born on 27 Dec 1943 at Chantilly, 60 Oise, Pic, Fra. She married Roland Pincemaille, son of André Pincemaille and Marie Thérèse (Maria) Marx, on 7 May 1994 at Veneux les Sablons, 77 Seine-et-Marne, Idf, Fra.

Jeanne Collart

F, #27940
     Jeanne Collart married Albert Pincemaille, son of Henri Pincemaille and Marie Eugénie (Maria) Weydert.

Mickaël Thiery

M, #27941
     Mickaël Thiery married Bénédictine Pincemaille, daughter of Philippe Pincemaille and Agnes Weber, on 23 Aug 2014 at Guénange, 54 Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lor, Fra.

Anatole Childz

M, #27942, (15 October 2010 - )
     Anatole Childz was born on 15 Oct 2010 at Metz, 57 Moselle, Lor, Fra. He is the son of Laurent Childz and Anne Laure Pincemaille.

Paul Pincemaille

M, #27943, (23 March 2007 - )
     Paul Pincemaille was born on 23 Mar 2007 at Paris ., 75, Idf, Poland. He is the son of Pierre Pincemaille and Martha Bosak.

Yarn Pincemaille

M, #27944
     Yarn Pincemaille is the son of Patrick Pincemaille and Maryvonne Chatin.

Léon Levasseur

M, #27949
     Léon Levasseur married Angélique Marie Bouvier.

Child of Léon Levasseur and Angélique Marie Bouvier

Angélique Marie Bouvier

F, #27950, ( - before 1923)
     Angélique Marie Bouvier married Léon Levasseur. Angélique Marie Bouvier died b 1923.

Child of Angélique Marie Bouvier and Léon Levasseur

Eugène Desautel

M, #27951, (1879 - )
     Eugène Desautel was born in 1879. He married Jeanne Marguerite Tripier in 1904.

Child of Eugène Desautel and Jeanne Marguerite Tripier

Jeanne Marguerite Tripier

F, #27952, (1886 - )
     Jeanne Marguerite Tripier was born in 1886. She married Eugène Desautel in 1904.

Child of Jeanne Marguerite Tripier and Eugène Desautel

Susanne Daiche

F, #27958
     Susanne Daiche married Jean Baptiste Godard, son of Mathias Godard and Anne Burtin (Bertin).

Sophie Brismur

F, #27960, (1 February 1987 - )
     Sophie Brismur was born on 1 Feb 1987. She married Mickaël Pincemaille, son of Jean Luc Pincemaille and Bernadette Louvigny, on 21 Jun 2020.

Child of Sophie Brismur and Mickaël Pincemaille