Marie Theresia De Ville

F, #23491
     Marie Theresia De Ville married Egidius Franciscus Painsmay.

Child of Marie Theresia De Ville and Egidius Franciscus Painsmay

Egidius Franciscus Lambertus Painsmay

M, #23492, (25 September 1789 - )
     Egidius Franciscus Lambertus Painsmay was born on 25 Sep 1789 at Lanaken, Lim, B. He was the son of Egidius Franciscus Painsmay and Marie Theresia De Ville.

Pierre Pinsmal

M, #23493
     Pierre Pinsmal is the son of Nicolas Pinsmale and Elisabeth Sondag.

Pierre Sondag

M, #23494

Child of Pierre Sondag

Pierre Marcellet

M, #23495
     Pierre Marcellet married Céline Pannier.

Child of Pierre Marcellet and Céline Pannier

Céline Pannier

F, #23496
     Céline Pannier married Pierre Marcellet.

Child of Céline Pannier and Pierre Marcellet

Angélique Bathilde Courant

F, #23497, (5 May 1849 - )
     Angélique Bathilde Courant was born on 5 May 1849 at Claye-Souilly, 77 Seine-et-Marne, Idf, Fra. She was the daughter of Louis Philippe Courant and Rosalie Thiessard. Marriage banns for Angélique Bathilde Courant and Marie Pincemaille were published on 14 May 1870 at Paris XIII, 75, Idf, Fra. Angélique Bathilde Courant married Marie Pincemaille, son of Félix Pincemaille and Marguerite Rongier (Rougier, Bougier), on 14 May 1870 at Paris XIII, 75, Idf, Fra.

Louis Philippe Courant

M, #23498, (1824 - )
     Louis Philippe Courant was born in 1824. He married Rosalie Thiessard.

Child of Louis Philippe Courant and Rosalie Thiessard

Rosalie Thiessard

F, #23499, (1825 - )
     Rosalie Thiessard was born in 1825. She married Louis Philippe Courant.

Child of Rosalie Thiessard and Louis Philippe Courant

Florent Vandewiele

M, #23507, ( - 27 April 1587)
     Florent Vandewiele was the son of Joos Vandewiele. Florent Vandewiele married Clara Everaerts, daughter of Oliviers Everaerts. Florent Vandewiele died on 27 Apr 1587 at Wortegem, Ovl, B.

Child of Florent Vandewiele and Clara Everaerts

Petrus Vandewiele

M, #23508, (1608 - )
     Petrus Vandewiele was born in 1608 at Wortegem, Ovl, B. He married Maria Van Meerhaeghe on 29 Oct 1634 at Wortegem, Ovl, B.

Children of Petrus Vandewiele and Maria Van Meerhaeghe

Antoine Lembert Speinsmaye

M, #23515

Child of Antoine Lembert Speinsmaye