Joseph Heimes

M, #7570, (1816 - 1844)
     Joseph Heimes was born in 1816. He married Catherine Walburger. Joseph died in 1844.

Child of Joseph Heimes and Catherine Walburger

Catherine Walburger

F, #7571, (1820 - 1857)
     Catherine Walburger was born in 1820. She married Joseph Heimes. Catherine died in 1857.

Child of Catherine Walburger and Joseph Heimes

Maurice Ghislain Pinsmaille

M, #7580, (15 November 1906 - )
     Maurice Ghislain Pinsmaille was born on 15 Nov 1906 at Ham-sur-Meuse, 08 Ardennes, Cham, Fra. He married Louise Pauline (Louise) Cailteux.

Children of Maurice Ghislain Pinsmaille and Louise Pauline (Louise) Cailteux

Louise Pauline (Louise) Cailteux

F, #7581, (22 May 1904 - 8 April 2001)
     Louise Pauline (Louise) Cailteux was born on 22 May 1904 at Hargnies, 08 Ardennes, Cham, Fra. She married Maurice Ghislain Pinsmaille. Louise died on 8 Apr 2001 at Givet, 08 Ardennes, Cham, Fra, at age 96.

Children of Louise Pauline (Louise) Cailteux and Maurice Ghislain Pinsmaille

Martin Dubois

M, #7583
     Martin Dubois married Marie Marguerite Maréchal on 2 Jan 1731 at Compiègne, 60 Oise, Pic, Fra.

Child of Martin Dubois and Marie Marguerite Maréchal

Marie Marguerite Maréchal

F, #7584, ( - 6 April 1780)
     Marie Marguerite Maréchal married Martin Dubois on 2 Jan 1731 at Compiègne, 60 Oise, Pic, Fra. Marie Marguerite Maréchal died on 6 Apr 1780 at Fleurines, 60 Oise, Pic, Fra.

Child of Marie Marguerite Maréchal and Martin Dubois

Pierre François (Lambert) Pinsmaye (Pinsmaie)

M, #7587
     Pierre François (Lambert) Pinsmaye (Pinsmaie) was the son of Lambertus (Lambert) Pinsmaille (Painsmay) and Anna (Pétronille) Henket. Pierre François (Lambert) Pinsmaye (Pinsmaie) married Maria Joanna (Jeanne) Piton (Peton, Pilon), daughter of Nicolas Piton, at Nl; (akte 42.) Pierre François (Lambert) Pinsmaye (Pinsmaie) married Anna Theunissen on 22 Jul 1787 at Venlo (Blerick), Lim, Nl.

Children of Pierre François (Lambert) Pinsmaye (Pinsmaie) and Maria Joanna (Jeanne) Piton (Peton, Pilon)

Maria Joanna (Jeanne) Piton (Peton, Pilon)

F, #7588, ( - 18 December 1806)
     Maria Joanna (Jeanne) Piton (Peton, Pilon) was the daughter of Nicolas Piton. Maria Joanna (Jeanne) Piton (Peton, Pilon) married Pierre François (Lambert) Pinsmaye (Pinsmaie), son of Lambertus (Lambert) Pinsmaille (Painsmay) and Anna (Pétronille) Henket, at Nl; (akte 42.) Maria Joanna (Jeanne) Piton (Peton, Pilon) died on 18 Dec 1806 at Venlo, Lim, Nl.

Children of Maria Joanna (Jeanne) Piton (Peton, Pilon) and Pierre François (Lambert) Pinsmaye (Pinsmaie)

Nicolas Piton

M, #7589
     Nicolas Piton married an unknown person.

Children of Nicolas Piton

N Piton

F, #7590
     N Piton is the daughter of Nicolas Piton. N Piton married Pierre (Pier) Mu(s)che.