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We found yet 20 Branches

- Branch of Zwevegem, Dna-analysis: descendants of the Vikings
- Why grouping these various synonyms (resulting in 20 established branches : Pincemaille, Pincemalge, Pinchemaille, Spincemaille etc.)
Because: yet around 1300-1400
These family names are first found around 1300 in the region of Courtrai (Flemish, Belgium), Tournai (Wallony, Belgium), and Lille  (59, France). The distance between these cities in this triangle is no more than 30 km.
- Roughly we can say in this period that in the direction of Lille we find the socalled Picardian Pinchemaille written with ch.
- In the direction of Courtrai we go merely to the Flemish variant Pincemalge, who will later change under influence of latin and French language to an intermediate variant Spincemaille
- In the direction of Tournai we will find the French  standardised  Pincemaille, which we will have a place  in the French litterature and dictionnaries with the meaning of avarious (pincer les mailles)
That we find these basic variants in the same period in a small region and that even for the same person the writing change when he goes from one place to another give us enough reasons to treat these family names together.
On the other hand it do's certainly not mean that they will have one and unique ascendant

Around 1600
It's only with the parish registers around 1600 that we find these family names in other regions :
- Namur and Dinant in Belgium on the river  the Meuse: but we will see here also the local influence. When they moved as boatman to Liège we will have Painsmaye, when they move to Charleville-Mézières, 08, France we go to Pinsmaille.
- Ca 1600 around Metz, 57, Lor, France, but  we found earlier traces around Thonnance-les-Joinville, 52, Haute Marne in 1477 (a sergeant Jean Pincemaille) and in 1538 when the local duke "de Guise" affranchised the population of Thonnance and Suzanne-court.
- In accordance wi th the first paragraph we will find the Picardian Pinchemaille (Pinchemel) around Amiens and closer to Paris around Senlis the French Pincemaille. Allthough in 1310 a Pincemaille "bourgeois" of Compiègne was authorised by the king "Philippe le Bel" to buy a noble court (terre noble) in Bienville, we have to wait till ca 1600 before we find Pincemaille families in this region.
- Paris is a bit special: It's clear that we will find in the Paris mostly Pincemaille, but as far as we can see it's all ways about people migrating from other regions see above to Paris, where the local variants changed tot Pincemaille. It's only after the French Revolution that local variants of other regions persisted in Paris.

Actual situation:
Descendants of the regions of Metz  are today the majority, but that was the result of the last 300 years. As far as we can see around 1600 we find the majority in other regions and only a couple of people around Metz in Vany. 
De pourpre à une alouette essorante d'argent, les pieds pris dans les mailles d'un filet d'or, accompagnée en chef à sénestre d'une étoile à six rais du même."   © AFE : Armorial de France et d'Europe de îédéric Luz. Editions annuelles depuis 1990. ©
Origin blason Pincemaille: "S(ei)g(neu)r. en partie du fief de la Cour de Dampierre". (Dampierre, Aube, Champagne-Ardennes, Fra).

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