Fort-LibertÚ (Fort-Dauphin), Fort-LibertÚ, Nord-Est, Haiti (St Domingue)

Fort Dauphin -> Fort LibertÚ (Wikipedia)
Fort-LibertÚ (Krey˛l: F˛libŔte) is the administrative centre of the Nord-Est Department, Haiti. It is also the chief city of an arrondissement of the same name. Fort-LibertÚ, one of the oldest cities in the country, was founded in 1578. The French-designed town faces a bay where one can reach many forts by boat, the most famous being Fort-Dauphin, which was built in 1732.
The city was once called Bayaha by the Indians and the Spanish; the French called it Fort-Dauphin until their expulsion in 1804, upon which the city gained its present name.
After Henri Christophe proclaimed himself King Henri I of Haiti in 1811, he renamed the city Fort-Royal; after his death in 1820 it became Fort-LibertÚ again.