<== Petrus Andreas Spinsemaille (1749-1833)  



You will find here the memorial cards of some of the children (and or their husbands) of Petrus Andreas Spinsemaille.The first memorial card is from Maria Josepha Spinsemaille a unmarried daughter of Petrus-Jacobus (Jacques) Spinsemaille brother of Petrus Andreas Spinsemaille. The borders of this first memorial card disappeared with time  because it was hold in a prayer-book of a smaller size as the document. from the 7 oldest children of Petrus Andreas most died very young and only Petrus Josephus married with Maria-Elisabeth Yserbyt. from Joh. Baptiste another from this seven children is said that he was a soldier in the "Grande Armée" of Napoleon and that he died in Russia.

In Memoriam

Spinsemaille, Maria-Josepha (Maria)(#1997), b.1783-d.1865


  10 Aug 1865 in Zwevegem, Wvl, B

In Memoriam

Yserbyt, Marie-Elisabeth (#7), b.1783-d.1856  

wife of Spincemaille, Petrus-Josephus(#6), b.1784-


10 Jul 1856 in Bellegem, Wvl, B

All the four youngest children married. Anna Theresia with Joannes-Eugenius De Canter from Bellegem, WVl, B. The youngest sister Angela stayed at home and married after the death of her parents in 1842  with  Bernard Delbeke a widow of Zwevegem at an age of 47 years old. Nevertheles she will bear three children

In Memoriam

Spincemaille, Anna-Theresia(#8), b.1792-d.1854

x De Canter Joannes-Eugenius (#13) b.1779-d.1857


21 Nov 1854 in Bellegem, Wvl, B

In Memoriam
De Canter, Joannes-Eugenius (#13), b.1779-d.1857
 x Spincemaille, Anna-Theresia(#8), b.1792-d.1854


28 Jan 1857 in Bellegem, Wvl, B

The 2 youngsters Bavo and Petrus Cornelius will continue the family line. Bavo installed himself in Deerlijk and the youngest Petrus Cornelius continued to run the parental farm in Zwevegem.

In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Bavo(#10), b.1798-d.1865
x Vercoutere, Maria Francisca (#11), b.1799-d.1878


15 May 1865 in Deerlijk, Wvl, B

In Memoriam
Vercoutere, Maria Francisca (#11), b.1799-d.1878
x Spincemaille, Bavo(#10), b.1798-d.1865


15 Mar 1878 in Deerlijk, Wvl, B

In Memoriam
Spincemaille, Petrus-Cornelius(#21), b.1800-d.1878
x Rosalia Nolf (#48), b.1814-d.1890


27 Jan 1878 in Zwevegem, Wvl, B

In Memoriam
Rosalia Nolf (#49), b.1814-d.1890
x Spincemaille, Petrus-Cornelius(#21), b.1800-d.1878


14 Apr 1890 in Zwevegem, Wvl, B