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"Le Souvenir Français".


Mr Xavier Niessen a professor of the Alsace complained after the war of 1870-1871  that the wargraves of the French soldiers of the war of 1870-1871 were not well underhold.. Therefore he created in 1887 in Neuilly-sur-Seine in France an organisation "Le souvenir Français" not only to underheld the 88000 wargraves of the war of 1870-1871on the 1st of November of each year in France but from 1889 on  also in Alsace-Lorraine. After the abdication of Bismarck (chancelor of Germany)  in 1890 occupation was milder and this organisation could work also in Elsace-Lorraine . Recognised in 1906 in France as an organisation of general utility it was placed under the high protection of the president of the French republic. But it's only in 1907 that Jean-Pierre Jean , printer and  later representant (député) of "Moselle" started officially with a committee in a small village "Vallières" in Moselle "le comité Messin du souvenir Français". It was an overwhelming succes and with gifts of the members they could do the  inauguration of a monument for the French soldiers "Mort aux Champ d'honneur" in Noisseville near Metz and in the presence of more than 100.000 people. The Alsace will follow even successfully under the influence of Mr Spinner of Wissembourg. But It was also an action against the annexation and the organisation was forbidden in 1913. A "brasserie" in St-Julien-lès-Metz (meeting place of the organisation) was destroyed, and at the beginning of the war of 1914 the members were arrested and deported to Germany

In the golden book of "Le souvenir Français" of Alsace-Lorraine we find the names of the committees with some members also of the Pincemaille family. With your help we will try to identify the people mentionned in this documents.


le livre d'or du souvenir Français d'Alsace, Lorraine et du Luxembourg*


à travers dix siècles d'histoire  (841-1918).


PINCEMAILLE EMILE ?#4943   ?#2456                      

Lieu/Titre: Liste des Présidents, délégués & Collaborateurs au "Souvenir Français" & au "Souvenir Alsacien Lorrain"  St-Julien-lès-Metz - Section du Souvenir Français & du  Souvenir  Alsacien-Lorrain fondée 05/12/1909 - Charly-Chieulles (Moselle)


 PINCEMAILLE GEORGES ?#4777                          

Lieu/Titre: Liste des Présidents, délégués & Collaborateurs au "Souvenir Français" & au "Souvenir Alsacien Lorrain"  Varize (Moselle)

Il avait le grade de:  Industriel


 PINCEMAILLE VICTOR ?#4600  ?#4854

Lieu/Titre: Metz Sablon (Moselle).


*Municipal Library of Metz